Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Little Help For A Little Home

Em  here, I am back from our fun family trip (car is STILL and I happened to bring the flu bug back home with me double boo...but I DO have two things to share that should make all of us happy!!
First off, whether your candidate won or lost we should all be grateful that the political banter on FB, or TV or any other media for that matter is for the most part over with. Finally we as a country can get back to posting about the stuff that really matters, like how many times a day we are at Starbucks, the gym, what Snookie is up to, and what we are eating for each and every meal and snack everyday (Instagram, Instafood, Instaannoyed). I kid, I kid, obviously they aren't more important than a Presidential election, but they sure as heck don't generally start a FB fight and that is something we should all be thankful for (30 days of Gratitude for November anyone?).
  Secondly we are happy to post today, it isn't a Pinstrosity per se, but it should help in preventing Pinstrosities from happening, especially if you live in a smallish home.
A friend of ours asked us to share this with ya'll and I actually really like the ideas, while there are some things I already do in my home, some were simple and good reminders to save space and money, and who doesn't love that right?!

DIY Small Home Edition

Creative Ways To Decorate Small Space

I for one love the challenge of taking a small space and trying to do the most I possibly can with what I am given. My Hubby and I live a small two bedroom apartment at the moment and it is always a struggle to decorate when 1) You don't own the property so paint and construction are out of the question, 2) Space is sparse, and 3) We obviously aren't  millionaires so finding dual purposes in things, and being able to do projects on the cheap are always welcome. 

Do any of our Pinstrosipeeps have any of these design ideas incorporated into their homes? You don't have to have a small apartment to do these things either, anyone have any pin spins to add to this? We LOVE your feedback!
I hope this post finds everyone well and Happy Wednesday!


  1. In our home, we turned our dining room into our office room because we always sit in the kitchen at our island. We have turned our old office in the basement into our rec room and love it. Also with the build up, we have a long wall downstairs, an entire built in shelf. Our ceilings are low down there. The built in contains book shelves along with our entertainment center and tv. I love this post!

  2. Great ideas for small spaces! We don't rent, but our space is limited, especially with my craft supplies taking up more than one room. These are very helpful tips, thank you.

    PS: For future reference, it's "per se," not "per say." :)

  3. Boyfriend and I live in a small 1 bedroom, so this is great! I've been wanting to install floating shelves, but aren't those screwed into the wall? Is that okay in an apartment?

    1. Becky, it all depends on your apartment manager. You can ask them about putting up the floating shelves...and the worst that can happen is they'll say no. Some apartments allow it, some don't.



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