Monday, July 1, 2013

A Very Doctor Who Mix It Up Monday

Mix It Up Monday is all about things that are different from the norm, and I feel this e-mail we received was just that, but in a oh so delightful way!
Patty sent us her creation and it isn't a Pinstrosity or a Pin-Different, it is a definite Pin-Win and well I know we will have some readers that will really enjoy this!!
The Original

This Doctor Who inspired dress is really pretty (even if you aren't a big Doctor Who fan this is just elegant!).

Here is Patty's version, enjoy!!!

The Pin-Win

"So I don't know about you, but I <3 Doctor Who! I found this amazing TARDIS dress on Pinterest. This girl went all out from the sketch and I thought, I could do that!
So I set to work. I just wanted to make it so I could say I had one, but I also wanted to wear it in time for a reception that I was receiving in my honor (It's a long story). I tried to stay true to the original but I wanted to make it my own. I hit a lot of snags along the way: the windows were incredibly crooked, the bodice didn't fit, I bought an invisible zipper yet there was a regular one inside the package, the iron-on transfer burned my pillowcase, and I ended up having to remake the windows and the bodice all over again. 
The windows are still a little crooked, but I am very happy with it overall. I wore a key necklace to pay homage to how the Doctor opens his Time And Relative Dimension In Space"

Pretty Snazzy eh?! I think she did a GREAT job!! Thanks for sharing Patty!!
So to all our Doctor Who fans, what do we think? Fabulous huh?!

Have a great Monday!


  1. I like how the Tardis's windows are crooked because it makes it fit more of a dress shape, and because they are crooked it makes it seem original and you know there isn't a bunch of the same dresses everywhere.

  2. FANTASTIC job!!!!! She did great! Total Pin Win!

  3. Ah-mazing! (Doctor Who is my favorite show.) And now I want a tardis dress too...

  4. Love Doctor Who. Love this dress. If only I had a prom to go to!

  5. I LOVE Doctor Who. You guys just won so much respect.

  6. Great work - I ADORE Doctor who and I've always wanted a Tardis dress :) So jealous right now.

  7. Love Love LOVE this! What a great job, Patty! I'm totally doing this just to wear around the house. lol

  8. What a great dress. Good for you sticking with it, it looks fabulous. Allonsy-Alonzo!

  9. Nicely Done, but I Love the version by Mayfaire Moon, that writer Jenny Colgan wore at Heathrow.


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