Monday, July 15, 2013

Mix It Monday: What I'm loving on Pinterest Right Now

Em here, lately I have been pinning in the few spare minutes I have between stuff, and well I have found some super fun stuff! Some of them just tickle my funny bone, and others have been repined from my board 60 or so times in the last week.
Here is what I am loving on Pinterest Right Now!
Happy Monday!
This is in honor of my friend Camille, who bears with me through Yoga every Friday. You rock!
As a cosmetologist, this just hit the spot!
I absolutely fell IN LOVE with this when I saw it, maybe this will be my next Show-and-Tell Saturday!
Pinterest said this may be a suspicious link, you have been warned!
I NEED these pants to survive!!!!
Michelle Lesniak Franklin is one of my absolute favorite designers of all time...and...I'm pretty sure we would be best friends.
He finally did it!!
And this is the one that has now been repined a MILLION times(not really but kind of lol).
So there you have, my favorites of the week...not as prestigious as Oprah's favorites, but I'd like to think they are just as fun!
Hope you all had a great start off to your week! Tune in tomorrow for Marquette!


  1. The taxidermied apron-wearer is from

  2. And if you don't know who the Bloggess is, go to her site and look for the Beyonce the Metal Chicken story. OMG - quite possibly the funniest thing I've ever read.

  3. Please tell me that necklace is not made from real butterfly wings...cuz it really looks like butterfly wings.

  4. okay the necklace with the wings makes me thing of locust wings. No way could I wear that. LOL Yoga cat and monkey/dog made me snort my water everywhere. Thanks for the laughs!!


  6. The link redirects to, which may be why Pinterest flagged it as a risky link. I've seen the map chair elsewhere: So there you go. :)

  7. The map chair comes from this blog: The link redirects to, which may be why Pinterest flagged it.

    There you go!

  8. Just hope someone will try the Yoga cat like a scarf and will FILM it, don't kow why...

  9. Ohmigosh...I think I need that Johnny Depp painting. But I can't find it on the link. :(


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