Saturday, July 27, 2013

Show-and-Tell Satuday: Tron Legacy

So if any of you readers knew me in real life, you would know the unusual obsession I have with Tron Legacy.
Do you remember the old Tron movie with Jeff Bridges? ( I LOVE HIM BTW)
Well here he is in the 1982 classic. I just love everything about the movies. Really, poor Chip has to hear about it whenever I watch them (at least once a week in my house...serious geekery).
Well anyways, here is my show-and-tell, for Halloween last year, I went as Quorra, and Chip went as Tron! Marquette and I threw a Halloween party at her house and  it went AWESOME everyone got really into it, the games were fantastic, the costumes were are fun and creative, and everyone had a blast (here is further details on the details of that) . In fact, I am already in the works for my costume this year :)
Here are the original characters we were going for:
And here are our versions!

It's hard to see but I have a little skirt like Quorra's and everything.
I had a lot of fun making these and believe it or not they really weren't that hard!
For Tron:
All black:
Leather jacket
Men's Skinny Jeans
Helmet (we borrowed, wasn't black but it worked)
For Quorra:
All black:
Leather jacket (ours were faux leather, we got them at Rue 21 for pretty decent, and bonus now I have a leather-ish jacket!)
skinny jeans
Black platform closed toe wedges
Black wig ( I cut it to look like her hair)
For our "disks" We took the orange sports cones the small round ones you can get at Wal-Mart for three bucks and used an Exact-o knife to cut out the center, spray painted them, then put the reflector tape on.
The reflector tape was the most expensive part to all of this, we got two rolls from this website.
I believe we bought the 1 inch size.
 We had leftovers and it was REALLY easy to work with. We simply used White Reflective tape. This is the stuff you can put on trucks or bikes and what not, and it removed pretty well from all the clothes when we were finished. I just followed the pictured and cut the tape in half or in 3/4 where was needed and placed it on the clothes like is seen in the pictures! Voila!
 I am off to do movies, paint nails, and craft with my girl Camille!!
Hope you all are having an awesome weekend!


  1. I love Tron! Very cool! Have you watched the Tron Uprising cartoon series?

  2. I love Uprising and Legacy! That's so fun! I may have to try this with my best friend!!!

  3. Omg We are beyond obsessed with the Tron movies in our house. Our home is full of Tron memorabilia. Glad to know there's more users out there ;) This post made me so happy ♥

  4. I was always much more of a Bruce Boxleitner fan back in those days...

  5. That's not Tron up there, though, it's CLU 2. (But I love him so that's ok, he's my favorite fictional character of all time AND my license plate!)

    The costumes are awesome, though, I'm a huge fan of both the 1982 film and Legacy! :) I wish I had more money to buy all the memorabilia that I want, I have to crochet my own. One can never have too much TRON in one's life.


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