Wednesday, April 16, 2014

H.U.M.P. Day- Baby Oil and Razors -> Dualing Pinstrositeers

So yesterday Marquette talked about her awful experience with baby oil, her razor, and her irritated shaved legs. You can read that here.
I laughed so hard reading this because I have had THE EXACT OPPOSITE EXPERIENCE!!!!
I LOVE baby oil as a shaving aide and recommend it to everyone!! I totally converted my mom who was a conditioner as a shaving cream lady (like Marquette) for a good 20 years! She loves it!
I originally saw it on this pin:

Now of course I didn't read it, I just saw the picture an tried it, and it was awesome (one of the only times this worked out that way lol). One tip she gave was to pour a little bit on the end of your razor before shaving, and the other tip was to use it as a shaving cream.
I use it as a shaving cream.
I was floored! My legs were smooth, shaving went smoother and faster than usual, I don't cut myself as much, I haven't gotten ANY ingrown hairs (a rarity before all this), and my legs were the smoothest I have ever felt them. Ever.
As for the gungky ness of the razor after shaving with baby oil, I haven't had any of that either! In fact I agree with the pin that it makes my razor last longer.
The funny thing about pins is that it might work great for someone and might not work at all for someone else!! Now I'm not sure what type of razor Marquette has, but I have a Venus Spa Breeze (I splurge for razors, it's non negotiable at my house lol). Maybe the type of razor has something to do with it???I'm not sure though...maybe we should have a Shave-Off!
So there you have it, two sides to the story...decide for yourself! Good luck!
 Happy Wednesday!


  1. the link you posted to Kett's post from yesterday actually takes you here:

    1. Thanks Diedre. I just went in and fixed the link.

  2. You should totally do a shave-off!!! hahaha.. I use baby oil too and best thing ever for me!

  3. I use hair conditioner instead of soap to shave- it works very well.

  4. I don't use anything to shave, just the razor and water. I do use the Venus Breeze razors though, they are the best! I just can not shave with those horrible disposable razors.

  5. I used to use baby oil to shave my legs when I was a teen. The key to it then was using very hot water.

  6. Tried it for awhile, but it left my shower a slippery, deadly mess. I now use conditioner and have had good results.

  7. I like my Avon Sensitive skin shaving gel. Though conditioner works well in a pinch. I think baby oil would make my old fashioned iron cast tub a death trap for my kids.


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