Monday, September 15, 2014

Mix It Up Monday: Us Outside Pinstrosity

So you all know that Emilee and I get to work together on this blog (along with Rachel of course!) but I thought I'd show you a peek at a separate part of our lives where we sometimes get to work together as well.

This past weekend Emilee and I both worked a wedding, and we had a ball. Emilee, who is a licensed cosmetologist (those of you who are long time readers will probably remember that detail), did all the hair for the entire bridal party, and she rocked it.

Each girl showed her a picture of what they wanted and Emilee whipped it up. Coincidentally each girl happened to pick a style that incorporated a braid. Even though the styles were all different, they all looked cohesive and Em made them each look elegant.

My part? I got to be the photographer and capture the day's memories (and Em's hard work)! Photography is one of my hobbies; I love the chance to get to use my hobbies to help with such special events. I truly love working weddings. It's hard for me to have a bad day when I get to be involved in a wedding.

Thankfully neither of us have any Pinstrosities to show you from the wedding. Everything worked out so well that day with the hair, the weather, the families, the lighting, the homemade boutonnieres (the mother-of-the-bride did some amazing work with antique handkerchiefs), the perfect dress, an amazing bouquet, everything. One of the few things that could have made it better is to have Rachel's wit and awesomeness there too. That would be an epic day. We'll have to arrange that sometime in the future.

So there's a small peek into one of the things we do when we're not Pinstrositizing!


  1. Snowflake! When we lived in Arizona we loved visiting there. Beautiful! Thanks for the little memory reminder!

  2. Great pics! I love to shoot too but only landscapes. I have anxiety attacks when people ask me to shoot portraits and I would never be able to do a wedding shoot.


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