Saturday, September 6, 2014

Show-and-Tell Saturday: Sprucing Up Your Keyboard

I just bought my first few rolls of Washi Tape not too long ago. The plan is to use them to create color in the room without painting the wall of our rental. I still want one more color, and I'm not sure what design I want to do on the wall yet...but I'm scheming.

I've seen so many neat uses for Washi Tape in the past year! Adding flair to walls. Decorating notebooks and cards. Giving some color to bookshelf edges. Around windows. On boxes. Temporary cat collar. Okay, maybe not the cat collar. But it is used for some neat decorating! Today's Show and Tell Saturday is another decorative use for Washi Tape, submitted to us by Claire.

In the spirit of your "Use it Up Month", I decided to use up some washi tape I have (I have so much of it, it's so pretty, but I don't know what to do with it!) by decorating my laptop keyboard. The pin was fairly easy and quick to do - I picked a tape that was the same width as most of my keys, which helped a ton. There were problems, though. Washi tape is somewhat transparent, but it was still difficult to see the keys on a black keyboard with white lettering. So my "pin spin" was to use the washi tape only on the keys along the edges of the keyboard, and I think it turned out pretty cool looking! 

In addition, Washi tape peels off easily, so the tape started to peel around the edges of the keys a bit after a few days, a problem the original pin does acknowledge. Bottom line - this pin is easy, quick, and looks pretty darn cute, but is definitely just a temporary decoration.
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