Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Great Pin Purge

Hello all! Happy Tuesday! The sun is up, the birds are chirping and today is a beautiful day to be alive!!
Lately Chip and I have been "purging" things in our life that don't necessarily suit where we are going in our life and what we want to become. This purge is happening in all parts of our lives. Just today I did a 436 friend purge on Facebook. Yikes! I didn't realize I had so many "friends". You don't realize that through the years you accumulate people and things and over time they just don't suit your life anymore. People change and grow and sometimes it is healthy to let past things go.

Today I want to challenge all of you to do a purge of your own....

The Great Pin Purge
How do you pin purge you ask??
Go through your pins and delete things that are no longer you. Things that won't suit your life or where you want to go have to go.
Here are a few tips:
1. Don't get overwhelmed. I have like 4k things pinned right now, and that doesn't even count my "likes". That's a lot to take on. Start with one board at a time. Maybe go in alphabetical order, or order of importance. Maybe you have one board you use  way more than any of the others (hair, recipes etc). This would be a good place to start.
2. Don't get too crazy. If this board is large and in charge and taking on the whole board seems overwhelming, just stop. Set a timer for 10 minutes and take your time. Don't rush. When the timer goes off, step away from the purge and do something else for a bit. The Great Pin Purge doesn't need to happen all at once.
3. Don't stress. They are just pins!! Yes, it can sometimes be hard to find something you thought you pinned but you didn't but that amazing little search bar does wonders for situations like that.
4. Think honestly. Are you really ever going to make that sparkly pink wall in the spare room that no one uses? Like really? If yes than keep! If no, and you just thought it was pretty delete it, or move it to a "Cool Reference Ideas" board so that it doesn't sit idly in your "Crafts to do ASAP" board. No one is judging your boards (but maybe you), so be honest with yourself.
5. Move things around. Sometimes I will find a pin that is in a super weird place, "How did you get here little friend?!". Move things around as need be. Keep it clean, keep it organized.
6. Have fun with it! At first when I was purging it was hard and awful and all I could think is "Why would I do this to myself?! And on my day off! :( ". Take heart, you'll get in the groove and become a purge machine in no time. Towards the end of my purge I was kind of sad I didn't have more to purge! It felt good! I felt like a little weight was lifted off my shoulders!
And here is a big one that I think a lot of you are probably thinking...Why Pin Purge at all???
People change. Our goals change. Our style changes (sometimes very quickly and to a very different style) in the matter of a few weeks. Trends happen, trends change (Chevron, one day your in, the next day your compared to 1970's floral). Going through some of my boards it was apparent to me that many of my pins no longer suited me, my lifestyle, and where I wanted to go. Going through pins also helps you find things you forgot you had and  might be really helpful right now in your life. Purging clutter is healthy, and the same goes for pins. The more organized you are in your pins the more successful of a tool Pinterest can be in your life. Stop wading through the clutter and get to the meat of it!
So Pinners I am asking you to take The Great Pin Purge Challenge and see what a difference it can make in your Pinterest Life, and in your real life. Then, get to back to us and tell us your thoughts on the purge. Was it good, was it painful, did you enjoy it, was it helpful for you??
Good luck ladies!!!



  1. I have a lot of recipe boards, and if I search, for example, for 'vegan mushroom' and then look only in my own pins, I'll find lots of duplicates (from before Pinterest notified you of duplicates--well, even now, it doesn't always catch them). Deleting the multiples is an easy first start to paring down my pins.

  2. The boards that contain the most pins for me are ones I'm probably unable to purge because they are just pretty things I'd love to own (glass, jewelry), things I love (rainbows/pretty colours, Grateful Dead). I keep up with pin purging of my recipes and crafts though.

  3. I try to keep 3 boards, one for the current month and one for each of the next two months. Every month I go through all my boards and pin things to those three boards that I want to do in that month. This helps me actually do things I have pinned, keeps my memory fresh as to what I have pinned, and works as a monthly pin purge.


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