Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pancake Art Reality

I love art. I love think-outside-of-the-box art. I'm not very good at making think-outside-of-the-box art, but I do love seeing it. I especially love eating it. Wait, what?

How many of you have seen this video going around on Pinterest and Facebook?

Best pancakes ever! I'm seeing a whole new trend in carnival caricatures, what about you?

So, if I'm understanding the video correctly the principle of the art looks simple. Lay out the areas of the picture pancake you want darkest first, and then build up to the lightest. Seems easy enough in theory, but as you can see below, the application is a little harder to grasp.

Kelleen did say that perhaps their art would have been more artsy had they used a squeeze bottle with a smaller tip so as to be able to get more details. They used a ketchup bottle they had on hand which gave better control than pouring the batter from a measuring cup, but not quite the control they wanted.

Another idea Kelleen sent over with her video was the idea of blending the batter to make sure it is completely smooth. They had issues with chunks clogging the tip of the bottle and the blasting out onto the pan making a mess of their Pancake Louvre Masterpieces.

So, these didn't turn out as epic as the Beatles Pancake Heads, but throw some peanut butter and maple syrup on top and I'm sure they tasted just as good. Mmmm.

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  1. I can do decent shapes with a big plastic spoon. Mickey mouses and hearts are my thang :P

    Although the easiest way is to just break out the cookie cutters.


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