Monday, December 1, 2014

December Challenge

Thank you so much for your Pay it Forward projects and helping to spread goodness! We're excited to show you the projects submitted to us in this Month's Show and Tell Saturday post this coming Saturday!

So now it is time for December's Theme. Rachel came up with this idea and we LOVE it. I hope you get as excited about it as we are.
So there you have it. Minterize everything! 

Now, what exactly are we asking you to do again?

1. Browse through your Pinterest boards, and then your sister's Pinterest boards, and then your high school BFF's Pinterest boards, and then your cat's previous owner's Pinterest boards, and then even the Official Pinstrosity Challenge Pinterest Board (we'll be adding ideas to it all the time) and find pins that fit the theme that inspire you. They can be food, decor, costumes, aprons, painting color schemes, etc. This month's theme leaves things wide open!
2. Once you've found some pins on Pinterest that inspire you, build on that inspiration! Make some mint tea you found on Pinterest to keep you warm in the cold weather. Upcycle that trash can with a can of Mint spray paint and turn it into a side table. Make a minty dessert. You can follow the pin instructions to a T, or you can just work off your inspiration and go for a Pin Spin.
3. Take a picture of the outcome. We want to see the Pin Wins, Pin Spins, and Pinstrosities!
4. Email us your pictures, the link to the project you were inspired by, and any bit of the story you want to tell. You have until 8:00 AM (MST) on January 1st to send us your Minter project.
5. Saturday, January 3rd we will do a Round Up post and show you the projects we were sent in. If we have too many for one post, we'll do multiple Show and Tell Saturday posts!
6. All projects submitted as part of the challenge need to have been completed in December 2014. No submitting projects you did last year. The point of this challenge is to get you to actually use Pinterest to inspire your life!
7. Feel free to submit as many times as you want!

Have fun with this!


  1. Mint. Not my fave thing. Looking forward to seeing everyone's pin wins and fails!

    1. I never used to be a mint fan either, but I'm coming around to it slowly.


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