Monday, December 8, 2014

Pay it Forward: Chemo Care Package

Whew! We made it to Monday and we're all alive! This past week was Cameron's worst week of the semester with presentations, projects, 30 page papers, etc. Since we just have the one computer at home his needs for school took priority over getting the Show and Tell Saturday post up for our November Pay it Forward projects. But this morning he is finally done (hallelujah!) and I can show you the amazing Pay it Forward projects we were sent. I'm going to give each project it's own post and they will be posted up throughout the day. So check back in often! 

This first one is from Lindsey: 

My mother-in-law just started chemotherapy this month for a rare sarcoma.  She's stage 4, and was diagnosed a week before she retired.  Awesome way to start her retirement, huh?  The whole family is struggling with this and trying to find ways to send comfort across the miles.  She lives in Pittsburgh, and is now in Boston for treatment, while my family is in Maryland.  Even though we couldn't be there in person for her first round of chemo, I wanted her to find a way to comfort her.  I looked for pins to give me good ideas for things that would be a treat and a bit of comfort for a chemo patient, and found a few that really did the trick. Cancer Support & Prevention and Gift ideas and so so many more.  


They had some common themes: chap stick, fuzzy socks, reading material, and lotion most predominantly.  I went to Target and was able to round up my own collection of goodies. Some say I have a talent for this, others might call me stalker-ish, but whatever your take on how much I store away little details for future gifting reference, the end result is usually a warm fuzzy feeling for the recipient and that's all I care about.

Here we have:
  • Bossypants by Tina Fey.  A great read for anyone, but especially for another woman who has been through all the nonsense Tina Fey touches on in this book.  Also, it's funny and funny is good for Lulu.
  • A silly card.  I think that's a donkey kissing a little boy's head.
  • Fragrance free lotion.  You know, as much as fancy lotions are fancy and nice, if you don't know what scents a person likes, you could be really hit or miss there.  This option is still a treat without the risk.
  • My favorite chap stick.  It actually soaks in without that waxy feeling.
  • Green tea.  She was an avid coffee drinker for as long as I known her, and then she retires and switches to tea.  Traitor!  Still, I will support her new lifestyle.
  • Nail polish.  I don't care who you are, ladies always like nail polish.
  • Cozy socks and hand warmers.  She's staying in Boston right now and that = MUCH colder than Florida where she was supposed to be.  She needs some warmth!
  • Bath soak.  I know Sheldon says to offer friends in need a hot beverage, which I did (see Green tea, above), but I one upped him with the hot bath, too.
  • Vase and colorful fake flowers.  Nothing says perky like flowers you don't have to worry about watering, amirite?
  • Monogrammed mug.  If she's going to be cozying up with a book and tea, she needs a mug for that tea!
All little things, but put together they create a bit of pampering and care.  A long distance hug, with some laughter and cheer splashed in.
All packed up and ready to go!

It got to her for her first day of treatment, and she absolutely loved it.  Thankfully we're headed up to Boston tomorrow so we can spend Thanksgiving week with her and my sister-in-law's family.  For such an awful time we still have so much to be thankful for.  Finding ways to show our love, with a bit of Pinterest help while feeling lost in this scary landscape, is such a help.


  1. those are great ideas. Of course I hope I never, ever need to put together one of these for someone.

  2. What a wonderful daughter in law :) I'm sure your mil feels as lucky to have you as you feel about her.

  3. I deeply deeply admire people who can get their brains around putting together these selections of helpful and cheering items.

    Best wishes to your MIL in her treatment.


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