Monday, December 8, 2014

Pay it Forward: Hostess Gift

I was introduced to the custom of hostess gifts through my Mother-in-Law. I love the thought and the gratitude it shows. We've tried to integrate it into our life more to show our gratitude for the kindness of others. It is a custom that has largely gone out of practice, at least in our generation, but I'd love to see it come back!

Nicole used the idea of a hostess gift when she came up with her Pay it Forward Project:

I decided for this month's challenge I would give something to my grandmothers for hosting Thanksgiving at their houses. I wanted something inexpensive, simple, and useful. I chose to make potpourri kits. 

She got the idea for the kits here: 
 And the "recipe" here:

Then I had the brilliant idea that I could easily make more (because it's so easy), so I made some for my aunts and cousin. For the most part, everything went well except the bags I bought were too small for the oranges, so I resorted to sandwich bags. I also was too lazy to get my regular hole punch so I used my heart hole punch...which I just realized looks dirty when it's used upside down! 

What a fun and sweet hostess gift! I love that it is usable and perfect for the season. Thank you Nicole!


  1. It's a great idea...but I'm not sure how much the cranberries provide in the way of smell. I boil oranges and cinnamon sticks all the time and that smells heavenly.

    1. As soon as I can get some oranges (oddly I have a bag of cranberries, but no oranges in the house) I'll let you know if the cranberries add anything or not.

  2. Cute! But now you're giving me an urge to make cranberry sauce, and I have no cranberries in the office...


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