Saturday, February 7, 2015

Show and Tell Saturday: A is for...

Today I have all of the "A is for..." January challenge projects! Food, art, and fun!

We'll start with the first one sent to us!

Kate tried her hand at making Alfredo Sauce from scratch for the firs time:

"I've never, ever made alfredo from scratch for some reason, so the January "A" Challenge was perfect when I decided the other day that I was craving some alfredo sauce at home. This "Chicken Alfredo Baked Ziti" pin made it sound easy and had great photos too.  My kiddos pitched in with the preparation and it turned out pretty great.  We omitted the parsley flakes, and used rotini instead of ziti... and we may have been a little overzealous with the amount of noodles we added, because it was a little dry if you like your noodles saucy. (This was likely from too many noodles cooked up by my almost-4-year-old-helper.)  The alfredo sauce itself was creamy with a good flavor.  Night one was a success!  For leftover night, we added some alfredo-from-a-jar upon reheating in order to make it saucier, which helped a lot. We will save this pin and try again with extra sauce on the first night. Happy "A" challenges! -Kate"

Joanne decided this challenge was perfect for trying out various Alcohol Ink projects she'd seen over time on Pinterest (you can see more of her story and photos on her blog):

Carolyn tried out a new Apple Pie recipe in her birthday present pie pan. You can read her story and how she decided on this scrumptious pie (I know it's super yummy because I happened to be at her house the day after she made it and inexplicably there were still leftovers!), and where to find the recipe, on her blog:

Eilonwy put her sewing skills to the test for some Aqua Apparel (get her full story and the inspiring pins on her blog):

Diedre decided to take the "A is for" theme literally and recreate a pinterest pin of a whole learning experience for her 3 year old son about the letter A. She explains the sensory bin and how she put it together on her blog

Marquette: And then finally I have my project to share with you. My A is for project is Appliance Art. Like Carolyn, I decided to combine the January Pinstrosity challenge with the Iron Craft challenge. I have seen pins on Pinterest about painting your fridge, but we're in a rental and our fridge isn't ours to paint. So I went to an often ugly part of our kitchen...the microwave. My microwave went from this: 

To this:

You can see more of my process on my blog as well.

And there you have it! Those were all the "A is for..." projects we were sent. Fun, huh?! I love seeing creativity and courage come together with trying out these pins you find! Way to go everyone! 


  1. Great projects and thanks for featuring my stuff! :) That alfredo sauce dinner looks amazing. Must try that sometime. I'm in love with Eilonwy's doll and your microwave.

    1. Of course! I was happy to feature your project. I have that alfredo sauce saved to try later too!

  2. I'm glad I saved this for a time when I could fully focus on reading each individual blog, as these are INSPIRING -- I have Pinned several for future thought -- and brought many smiles to my Monday morning.

    Having commented on the individual blogs of the people who have them -- and gained some I need to read more often (yay!) -- I'll just note for Kathy that (a) opening the door to white-sauce making is basically leveling up in the kitchen and (b) the struggle with too-thick, too-thin, enough, too-much is totally normal. You get a feel for it with experience, and the key thing is that you didn't have lumps.

    1. I love that you went through each blog! I'm sure each of them appreciate it. I always hope people will, but never know if they do or not.


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