Friday, April 8, 2016

The Kett Files: Currently in April

It's Currently time again! 

The first 5 verbs given to me by the verb generator are the ones I used. Here we go! 

This month I am...

the first full month of Spring with open arms! I am definitely not a winter person. I love warmth so much. I guess it's good I live in Arizona! Today it's drizzly, but warm and I love it! 

packing. We're moving into a larger house in a few months! This little house has been wonderful and served it's purpose, but now with Ione here her baby stuff (which really isn't much, we don't get every little gadget and seat) is taking over the house and we're all going crazy. And, we'd really like our own room again and to not have all 4 of us in there together. We've learned a lot and grown here, and it's been great to not clean a big place, but we're ready for something with a little more room. 

into my clothes. We've been a little too friendly with the junk food and eating out this week and we're feeling it and seeing it! It doesn't help when Cameron brings me home a burrito that is bigger than our baby, bahaha! (I didn't eat it all in one go!) 
Burrito the Size of a Baby

a mini styled shoot, 10th anniversary shenanigans for this summer, and what to eat the next week. There is so much coming up and I can't wait for it all to get here! I'm on the lookout for the perfect dress for our 10th Anniversary Portraits and just haven't found "The One" yet. But, I'll find it!

and coughing and all the fun gunk that comes with a Spring cold. Every year it seems I get a cold when Spring hits. Any one else? Now to just see if I can keep the kids from getting this!

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