Monday, August 8, 2016

Kett Files: My Magic Routine

Guys, I think I've found the magic routine for the day. It makes a world of a difference. I discovered it a few months ago and was going to wait until I had the routine down to habit and was doing it all the time and could tell you the great things it's done for my life as a whole. 

But let's get real here. I haven't even had a full week where I've stuck to my routine perfectly. And I'm realizing I probably never will have a perfect routine week, because that's life. 

What does this routine do for me? I'm able to keep the house from being disgusting, Darrow behaves better, I can get my photography business done, and even have a little family evening time. Boy, I sound like a commercial. Sorry. But really, this routine is a life saver and I know if I'd just stick to my guns and get up and jump into it every day that everything would go more smooth...but the lazy shoulder angel sometimes shouts the loudest and his idea sounds best. Darn it. 

This routine isn't perfect. There are still things I want to implement in. But for now, I'm seeing good results from it (when I do actually do it). So let me tell you about it. 

The main rule that all others fall under is no computer before noon. That's it. If I had an office job, it wouldn't work, but I'm at home so this is key. Before noon is my time to clean the house, organize, make appointments, get some one-on-one time in with Darrow (why is that so hard?! Mom guilt.), and making things for the house. At noon we have lunch, and then Darrow has quiet time in his room, Ione sits in her chair or swing by me, and I get to work on the computer with editing, doing my classwork, behind-the-scenes business work, bills, and anything that needs to be done on the computer. 

And that's the main idea of it! I want to refine it more to get in specific exercise time, and specific couple time...but for now I feel like I'm doing really good if I do this routine 3 days in a week. 

It's crazy how much this routine helps, but man it is hard. I didn't realize just how addicted to technology I am until I tried implementing this. It's so easy to just tune into the world wide web and to let your duties, responsibilities, and life just kinda blur in the background. If I get on the computer early in the day, the rest of my day is just shot. It's done. Darrow's picked up on that too! If I get on the computer early in the day, his behavior tanks. If I stay off until noon, he is generally much better behaved. 

So, this week I'm going for 4 days out of 7 following the routine (lets see if I can get my posts pre-written and scheduled so I can really stick with this). Because I know it helps make my day better. I know I'll be more productive and efficient. I know my kids will be happier. I know I'll be more likely to cook and that will make Cameron happier. It just makes us all happier. I can do this! 

What is your magic routine? I know this won't work for everyone, so I'm excited to hear from you what works in your home and your life! Maybe there'll be ideas you see from others that feel like something that would work for you. We'll help each other build magic timelines! 

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