5 Tips for tension-less trips

Touring the world is a dream for many. However, traveling can be a hectic ordeal when it isn’t done in a proper manner. Things can go missing at the last minute, and you could forget to pack essentials, that could really put a damper on your trip. Though there are also things like the weather which could ruin your trip, these aren’t in your control, so it’s better to forget about them. However, there are things you can control. For your benefit, explorers before have tried and tested many products and methods to travel, so that we won’t have to fall prey to being an ignorant traveling.

Pack Light

Not doing this is a mistake that many novice travelers make. Everyone wants to rock all their outfits, complete with shoes and accessories, and this only adds weight to your luggage. When traveling by air, you could be flagged for overweight baggage. You may also find it difficult to lug all this extra weight around. To avoid this, pack very lightly and only the essentials. Buy yourself a small backpack or packing cubes to help you in the quest to pack light.

Pack your documents

This is one of the most important things when you’re traveling out of the country. You will need to present your passport and visa at various checkpoints depending on the place you visit. It so happens that these are the things we forget the most frequent, so always keep copies of these important documents on hand. Have both an e-copy as well as a hard copy. You could never go wrong by being a little extra safe.

 Protect your money 

Always keep a check on the status of your wallet. However, even the most careful of persons could end up losing your wallet or being robbed. Here, it’s always a good idea to have a backup source of money. The phrase ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ wasn’t made lightly. Have secondary payment options, like PayPal or Venmo in countries that accept this. For this, do a little bit pre-trip research on the options the place you’re visiting has.

 Visit the local tourism office 

This tip comes in handy, especially when you’re not traveling via a travel agent. Agencies usually have your itinerary down to the T, but when you’re not using this service, check with the locals about what the best place to visit is. They could let you know about some really interesting hidden gems that haven’t been made a popular tourism location yet.

 Learn the local language

No one is asking you to become a scholar in said language, but it will always help to know very basic sentences in the local language. If you’re in a crunch and you can’t find someone who speaks English or your mother tongue, this could save you. Phrases like ‘Hello’, ‘Goodbye’, ‘Where’s the bathroom/ATM’ could really go a long way. You don’t even have to say it perfectly, just make sure the message gets heard effectively, and you’re safe.

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