Why Hong Kong should be on your travel bucket list

The one-time British colony, Hong Kong, has developed itself into one of the most attractive tourist spots in Asia up late. Apart from being a very essential business and finance hub, this place has grown in stature owing to the initiatives taken regarding sustainability and global warming as a part of corporate social responsibility which has had an immense impact worldwide.

Thus, apart from the omnipresent tourist spots, these initiatives have been equally responsible for the increase of traffic towards Hong Kong over the last few years. These facts coupled with the first-class airfare deals provided by the online travel agencies on first-class airline tickets has made it easier and more affordable for the general mass to plan a trip to this man-made wonder of the east.

In this discourse, we will try to figure out spots that are essential while planning for a visit to the country with your hard-earned first class airfares as per your pocket.

The Victoria Peak: – One of the most important destinations of Hong Kong, The Vitoria Peak comprising of the architectural beauty of the Peak Tower is a place famous for providing the best panoramic view of the entire city. Once you are done with the view, you can easily refresh yourself with the entertainment venues, the shops, and the restaurants amidst the ravishing view of the entire city.

Avenue of Stars:– This place is located on the Victoria Harbour Waterfront at Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, and is modeled on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. This place was designed to pay tribute to the Stars of the Hong Kong film industry.

Symphony of Lights:– “World’s Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show” as per the Guinness World Records, the Symphony of Lights is one of the most synchronizing soothing shows you will find across the world. Recently, these famous lights and sounds have been expanded even further and hence turning it into a spectacle to be cherished throughout life.

Disneyland:– The Hong Kong Disneyland is the fifth Magic Kingdom-style Park in the world. Make sure you visit the place with your dear ones as the magical moments which would be created inside the park will be something unheard of and also be remembered as fond memories for the rest of your life.

Ocean Park:– Ocean Park is a must-visit in case you are planning a Hong Kong trip. This is a spot popular worldwide and has been awarded a lot of prestigious awards. It is one of the world’s most popular amusement parks which consists of nearly 40 attractions and rides on a date.

Thus, once the first class fares are adjusted to your pockets, you can now easily opt for Hong Kong as the destination you prefer. Ever since independence, the place has only seen an increase in popularity as far as tourism is concerned. A Hong Kong tour will never let you down from any aspect be it entertainment or beauty or serious business issue. Thus the name, Asia’s World City is quite apt to say the least.

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