Complete Tips for Silky and Smooth Hair

What stops you from having silky and smooth hair? The answer is frizz. Frizzy hair ruins our look especially when you want your best hair for the day.  Frizz is caused by either high moisture content or less moisture in the air. Pollution has also its share in it. Somewhere we are also too harsh on our hair; blow-drying and heating elements are enough to cause frizzes. Naturally curly and wavy hair tends to be dry, but it can be easily maintained with some hair care tips.

Before we head toward tips, we should know a healthy diet is the most important tip among all. Apart from this, you can follow the following tips to fight frizz.

High Glycerine - glycerine has high moisture content for dry hair it is the best product.  Applying glycerine with aloe vera is highly beneficial for hair.

If you don’t feel like applying glycerine directly on your hair, go for a shampoo high in glycerine content. Also, check that the product should be free from the sulfate. Sulfate is a moisture stealer; it removes the natural moisture from your hair leaving it dry and frizzy. On the other hand, glycerine penetrates through the hair to fill the gap of moisture and locks it.

Conditioner – shampooing without conditioner is the biggest mistake if your hair is dry.  You must have heard conditioning is important but why? You must know the reason for what you do.  The cuticle of the hair opens up to absorb the excess moisture; conditioning locks a sufficient amount of moisture and prevents it to open further.

Choose a sulfate-free conditioner and make sure your hair is dust-free before you apply it.

Coconut oil – we all know the benefits of coconut oil. In south India, it is highly used to maintain hair health. It is the best frizz fighter. Apply organic coconut oil at night and rinse it off the next day. The result is softer and silky hair.

Don’t apply it in the excess amount otherwise; you will face problems in rinsing it off.

If all the above things don’t work for you or you are looking for a more permanent solution, you can go for hair treatments.
Keratin treatment, hair smoothening, etc can sort your hair life for like 6 to 7 months. Let’s explore what are the benefits and where you can get it at an affordable price.

Natural remedies don’t work immediately and results also don’t last for long. Suppose you are going on a road trip suddenly then you will not apply aloe vera and other stuff and wait. For such emergency cases, keratin treatment works well.

Keratin treatment is perfect for a person who wants natural-looking manageable hair.  It will make your hair shinier and smoother without ruining your natural waves.  If you want pin-straight hair, go for permanent straightening or smoothening.

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