I have a very personal question that I want you to take a deep breath before you answer. How much money did you spend on fashion last month?

I know. It’s a question you should NEVER ask a woman unless you want to be lied to. There are things you just don’t talk about, and one of those is the pile of clothes in the bag at the back of the wardrobe. You know, the one with the tags still attached? Yeah, we know about the sales bag.

When it comes to money, it’s a touchy subject when someone asks you how much you spent on your latest clothing spree, even if you’re smart enough to find discount codes with Net Voucher Codes. It’s no one’s business what you do with your budget, but there is a problem if you’re finding yourself in debt and still shopping. So, with that in mind, check out these six ways to curb your spending while still being able to indulge in the latest Louboutin’s.

Don’t set a clothing budget each month. You’re setting yourself up to fail. You could look at your balance and think, “I’ve got $200 for clothes”, but really, you have $200 spending money on other things. So, move that bit of cash to your savings account and cover the necessities, then whatever is left in the main account you can splash where you’d like. This way, you’ve saved some money to cover debts and other bills before those brand-new shoes.

Ask yourself what each item is worth to you. Not your budget, just think about what that new dress is going to be worth. Out loud, tell yourself what you’d spend on that dress. If the price tag shows it to be higher, don’t pay for it. If it’s lower, buy yourself the dress. It’s a good way to decide based on your own confidence, not just your paycheck.

Go online to shop before you go in-store. It’s so much easier to go broke when you’re seeing the pretty dresses in the store and you can hold them. Online, you have to actively seek out what you want!

Leave the cards on the table at home. Don’t take cash out with you when you want to indulge your wardrobe. You can try things on and look at them without being impulsive, and if you REALLY fall in love with something, you can go back later.

One item out, one item in. A closet clear-out can unearth a number of things that you may not have seen or worn for some time. Do not buy another item until you can let go of something that you have. This is a good way to thin things down and keep on-trend.

Sell what you no longer use or donate to charity. It’s all about your budget, so sell the things you no longer want, and you have fresh cash to spend all over again. It’s just good for recycling.

Your shopping budget doesn’t have to be out of control; it’s all about balance to get that better wardrobe.

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