From the venue to the menu, it all has to be just right on your big day and when you’re under pressure to create the perfect day, it’s easy to lose the real reason you’re getting married under a mountain of canape options and invitation cards.

If you’re struggling to get all those details, large and small, in place then maybe it’s time you took on someone to act as a how-to wedding guide, a guru of all things planning and someone who can just take some of the burdens off of your shoulders. In this handy blog, we’re talking about wedding planners, who they are, what they do and how to find yours.

What They Do

In essence, they’ll do whatever it is that you can’t and they’ll do it fast, efficiently and at a good price if you’ve found just the right planner. They’ll have ins with the best locations, be able to negotiate a good meal package and help you pick out the right photographer to cover the occasion.

They’ll keep the guest list under control and might even be able to handle the future mother-in-law for you, at a push.

What they won’t or at least shouldn’t do, is to make decisions for you. They can’t tell you who to invite and they can’t dictate the style of your big day. The details are down to you, your planner’s job is to help make it all happen and keep it running smoothly on the day itself.

How to Choose The Right Planner

A great reputation, coupled with a personal recommendation is often the best way to find a planner that ticks all the right boxes. Take time to look through the portfolios of the planner’s website and talk to previous customers if you can.

Make sure you meet up in person way ahead of time to get a sense of the planner’s approach. You’ll need to make sure that you click right away and are able to communicate your ideas fully while feeling that you’ve been listened to and your ideas respected. Any planner who tries to talk you out of your plans or who doesn’t listen effectively should be avoided.

Have an idea of how much budget you have and let your planner know early so she or he can find options that work within your price range.

The right planner will help you create the wedding of your dreams and free up your time to concentrate on other things such as planning your dress, your honeymoon and your vows. Find someone who gets your vision and respects your plans. Whether you’re planning a wedding with the finest details or going for a more relaxed vibe, let your planner take the strain and re-discover the reasons why you decided to tie the knot in the first place, with a stress-free build up.

You might only have your big day once so make sure that it goes exactly the way you want it to and plan for the best day of both your lives.

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