There’s no such thing as perfect skin. There are so many variables that come in to play when we’re trying to achieve an optimal look for our skin, and everyone has their own idea of what “perfect” skin should look like.

Maybe it’s those fine lines or wrinkles around the eyes that we wish we could get rid of. It could be pores on the nose that never seem to close up no matter how hard we try. Or it could simply be that skin is loose in parts we want to see a difference of tone in.

Toning your skin and giving it a new lease of life can be easy if you know what to look out for. In this short post, I’m going to highlight some of the methods you can use to improve the look and tone of skin depending on what the problem area is. And going from top to toe, we’ll start with the forehead.

Improving skin tone on the forehead

Turn that frown upside down or at least try and get rid of it when it’s deeply set in. Forehead lines are annoying, especially when you frowned 15 minutes ago and they’re still present with that white line that doesn’t match the tone of your skin. Botox is the easy way out, but we’ve all seen someone post-treatment with an incredibly smooth and almost shiny forehead that doesn’t look natural at all.

If you’re worried about frown lines on the forehead, treatments that involve stimulating the collagen under the skin is the way to go. You’ll want to try out some collagen stimulation therapy like derma rolling, Microneedling or any non-invasive needling techniques on the forehead.

As long as the treatment can get in those creases and improve blood flow, you’ll be able to combat those really deep lines and improve tone.

Improving skin tone around the nose

What is it about the nose that can make it so hard to handle at times? Pesky blackheads can see you squeezing away and leaving you with a Rudolph-Esque nose if you don’t follow a simple game plan to claim back clear skin on your nose.

Pores around the nose are more susceptible to change and trapping oils. That’s why we end up with little pockets of blackheads or makeup sometimes getting trapped in there.

DIY treatments at home would involve getting a steamer and blackhead pore strips to try and open up the pores before going in deep with a personal squeeze session before trying out different toners that can close the pores and keep them clean. You’re trying to keep the level of sebum (the oil sebaceous glands make) down to a minimum.

You can go to a therapist to get a deep squeeze of the pores, but I think it works best if you do it yourself. In my opinion, it seems you can handle the discomfort more when you know what’s going on. 

Improving skin tone around the cheeks

Wake up with rosy red cheeks but didn’t ask for it? If you’re one of the millions of people who suffer from hyperpigmentation, you can feel embarrassed if you have parts of the face that seem like they’re glowing all day long.

You don’t need to cake your face in makeup when there are over the counter solutions to improve skin tone. Look out for serums that have tyrosinase inhibitors; these aim to reduce the level of melanin on parts of the body. Acid-based exfoliators with lactic acid and gluconolactone used as part of a daily routine can see the symptoms of hyperpigmentation diminish over time.

Improving skin tone around the neck

Neck skin is affected by sagging easily and can be very hard to combat. Earlier, when talking about the forehead, I mentioned the need to promote stimulation. When it comes to the neck, you’ll want to read up on skin tightening treatments for the tone that use radio frequency as opposed to invasive properties.

Any invasive treatment around the neck will leave a prominent scar, so best to stick with non-invasive treatments that balance tone and firmness without leaving a scar.

Improving skin tone around the arms and legs

Tone on the arms and legs are extremely prone to change, especially if you’ve been spending a lot of time with limbs exposed while out in the sun. Brown spots stagnate on the skin due to a random growth of darker skin cells and are common on the forearms and lower legs. The improving tone here is very easy, thanks to treatments like a chemical peel that reduces mottled pigmentation.

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