Sleep - the best beauty secret ever!

I think we tend to downplay the importance of a good night’s sleep.  At least until we stop sleeping!
It’s true, in our lives sleep becomes a nuisance or a luxury.  We’ve got jobs, school or both.  We have kids and careers and our own personal goals. 

Sleep is even shoved out of the way so we can catch up on our favorite TV shows.  Personally, having to sleep feels like a complete waste of time.  I could be using that time to work or write, or a million other useful things.  At least it felt that way to me until I started spending long nights in a hospital waiting room with no bed in sight!

Not only does sleep feel great after a long and busy day, but it’s also the time in which our body repairs all the damage stress and life deals out on us.  It is during sleep that our body heals and part of that is smoothing out all those fine lines that have us disturbed when we look into the mirror and it keeps those dark circles far, far away.

Sleep is what keeps us mentally and emotionally grounded.  During sleep we dream, working out the issues and worries of the day, refreshing us so we can face life fresh and raring to go.  It also keeps us looking a helluva lot younger!

Seriously, if all you have to do is get a good night’s rest to knock a few years off your face why would you argue?  It’s a scientifically proven fact that while the body sleeps it regenerates cells and tissue.  It’s something we’ve noticed in ourselves and others through the years.  Forget the science; you know it’s true when you see yourself after a sleepless night.  You look about as old as your body feels.  A well-rested face is a happy face.  Fine lines sometimes are simply a matter of fatigue or dehydration.  So drink some water, get some rest and perhaps you can avoid that little trip to the plastic surgeon.

Life is busy and we tend to focus on everything else, on everyone else but ourselves.  It’s time to change that.  Be kind to yourself and add rest to your regimen of beauty needs.  Everybody works on a different level, some require no more than five hours a night to be fully rested, others, like myself, need a good eight hours to feel human again.  If your body isn’t getting those solid hours of sleep, either because you’re going to bed too late or because you’re tossing and turning, your body builds a sleep deficit.  No need to stress about that, it’s like a bank account.  You don’t get enough sleep and your account gets over-drafted.  The good part of this?  You can always pay back the bank!

So if during the week you can’t get the sleep your body and beauty crave, snuggle in on the weekend and catch up on your zzz's!

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