Great ideas to personalize your bedroom

The living room might be the most used room in the house, but it’s arguably not as well-loved as the bedroom. The bedroom is the one place in the entire home where you can and do have the right to be left alone. The rest of the home is everyone's. You can’t implement your own style around the house without upsetting someone else in your family. It’s vital then that you don’t see your bedroom as just another room but in fact, as your haven.

It should be exactly how you want it to be. It should be in the style you want, with various decor pieces that suit your needs and attractions. It’s a shame that some people just leave their own bedroom bland, and not bother with hanging up posters, hanging paintings, furniture that they think is cool and perhaps even lighting. All of these things are just the tip of the iceberg. You can have so much more. Think carefully, what you would have in your dream bedroom?

Brighter and better

If you’re someone that is in front of the mirror for a lot of the time, you could do with some mirror lighting. Getting ready to go for a night out, a date, just on a trip or for anything else, always entails the long task of trying on different outfits. Do you ever catch yourself leaning closer toward the mirror to get a closer look?

The light will be blocked out by your face and head, so you lean back in the hopes to get it back. This to and fro ends up wasting a lot of time and you never really get a clear picture of what you’re trying to look at; such as a pimple or blackheads. But don’t worry, the modern world of interior decor has got you covered.

If you want lights then you have countless options for small lamps. Some lamps with a rectangle or raindrop design are great for both lighting a mirror from the bottom up but these are usually used for desks. Mirror lighting is a different story as the bulbs are actually on the mirror. Take for example a circular mirror and integrated lamp design.

The use of LED lights means that the light will be brighter than fixed conventional light bulbs but also, much more efficient. On the other hand, you can also have the classic show model mirror with the numerous light bulbs that stick out from the mirror itself. This will light up the entire surrounding area giving you a broader exposure while a small circular lamp is usually just for the face.

A place to be online

Anyone has the opportunity to become a famous YouTuber and social media star these days. All you need is a funky backdrop to start filming videos and or taking snaps of yourself. If you are looking to take selfies in your room or perhaps filming videos for your blog or video-sharing channel, consider these backdrops for sale.

You can get a bold color, patterns, shapes, animals, the classic dots, strips and lots of other options. Backdrops are great if you want to work on your online presence from the comfort of your own bedroom. It’s far better than having a dull wall behind you. You can also change them around if you want multiple different backdrops to keep your videos and photos fresh. Since a backdrop can also be used for a photo booth, the materials and designs are great at reflecting light.

This means that if the light is coming from the front such as towards your face, the back of your head or hair will also be lit up. Avoiding the need for multiple separate lighting, this can save you money and achieve a lot less clutter in your bedroom.

Whatever happened to art?

During the 70s and 80s, art became more and more accessible to regular homeowners. Fantastic paintings that could just as easily be showcased in an art gallery were hanging in people’s living rooms. Sadly you see fewer and fewer paintings hanging in homes and more ornaments or figurines.

Pictures of family members around the home are still popular but for some reason truly magnificent works of art are not. You can be one of the first people to break the mold and hang up glorious paintings in your bedroom. It should be something that you are happy to look at every single day. You’ll be seeing this picture every time you wake and every time you go to bed. You definitely don’t want something that will change your mood too drastically but not be too boring either.

Preferably, you would have a landscape painting of your location. Maybe it’s a city, town or village that you live in. Perhaps a great picture of the countryside would be a good choice. The only question is, where can you get such art from? You can of course commission an artist online and they could paint the idea you have for you. All they will ask for it the location of the painting or the viewpoint which they can locate on Google Maps.

If you want something very specific, send them a photograph of the subject matter and they will convert that into a painting. What if paintings aren’t your thing? Consider drawings, calligraphy, collages, abstract objects and art that is outside the box. There are so many options that you can choose from to personalize your bedroom that it may take you a while to finally decide on something. Just remember that it should be something you’re okay with looking at every day.

The humble abode that is the bedroom, should never look like the rest of the home. To truly be surrounded by things you love and care about in your bedroom you have to focus on personalizing almost anything. A backdrop to shoot photos and videos in front of, a classic painting of the trees and rivers around you, or perhaps a mirror with integrated lighting to help you get dressed. Be creative and look for things that can be the lightning rod to your unique decor design.

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