How many of you have wanted to renovate your home for absolute ages? You’ve spent months, maybe even years, scrolling through Pinterest boards and looking at home improvement ideas online. Unfortunately, your home remains the same because you can’t afford to make any renovations or upgrades.

If this sounds like your situation, then let me ease some of the pain you’re feeling. There are things you can do that will make home improvements easier for you to afford. All will be revealed if you just carry on reading!

Sell your car
In truth, this idea could work with any number of things you own. But, cars are expensive, so you can get a fair bit of cash for them. Sell your current vehicle, and you’ve got instant funds to pay for home improvements. If you still need a car, then the smart idea is to buy a more affordable used one. Places like Oodle Cars offer used cars that are highly affordable yet still in excellent condition. Now, you don’t have to suffer without a car, but you still have some leftover money from the sale of your old vehicle. So, use this cash to go towards a home improvement idea, simple!

Do it yourself (or at least do some of it yourself!)

DIY is a brilliant idea if you want to slash the cost of home improvements. Get your hands dirty and try to do as much work as possible. You might have to go out of your comfort zone, but it makes expensive home improvements easier for you to pay for. Instead of paying people to do every little task, you can do it yourself. My advice is to try and do everything that’s not technical or dangerous. Save things like complicated rewiring or plumbing to the experts. But, if you want to renovate your bedroom, then you can easily paint the walls, rip up the carpet, buy new furniture, and do most of the things yourself. You have no need for any outside help, other than maybe from your other half. As a result, you don’t have to pay for the cost of labor, which saves a fortune.

Don't forget that every renovation or DIY project comes with a lot of mess that's left behind. You have to enjoy your new place without having to see all the garbage laying there, so the best solution is same day rubbish removal

Don’t be afraid to haggle

Did you know you can make home improvements more affordable by asking for deals? Every single tradesman or contractor will be open to haggling. After all, they want your business. They know that you’ll likely go to one of their rivals if you’re not happy with the quotes they provide. They also know that securing your business now could mean you recommend them to other people and that you call them again if you need more renovation work. So, enquire about any discounts or try and haggle for a lower price. Will it work 100% of the time? Probably not. But, it’s well worth a try.

Finally, you can put all of your research to good use. All those hours you spent looking at home improvement ideas will now come in handy. It’s time to give your house some serious upgrades, so you can finally enjoy it again.

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