Top Reasons For Irregular Periods Or Menstruation Cycle

For women, periods are just a way for your body to express that everything is functioning perfectly fine.

Periods happen because your uterus line sheds every month and the blood comes out your vagina, but there is nothing that you should worry about as, it’s a normal process that every woman face, until she reaches the stage of menopause(a stage when periods stop permanently) menopause happens to women at an average age of 45 to 55.

What is considered to be a Normal Period?

A normal period is considered of 28 to 35 days, and the length of a period for different women may differ in between this time, but if your period exceeds 35 days for consecutive three cycles, this means you have irregular periods.

What is considered as normal bleeding once your period starts?

Usually, the bleeding can stay with you for two to seven days, but most of the time the bleeding period is similar in every cycle. Say if you bleed for two days during every cycle then it will be considered normal, but in case if your bleeding days change during every cycle, you should consult your gynecologist immediately.

Top reasons for irregular periods

Stress: A physical or emotional stress can lead to the release of stress Harmon that can suppress ovulation and disrupt estrogen production causing late ovulation or no ovulation.

Working out: working out is always considered good practice for body, but for a reason, if all of a sudden you get engaged in heavy work out or increase your word out hours, this can also trigger hormonal imbalance that can cause irregular periods. For a week 2 Hrs work out is enough to keep you healthy.

Diet: Unhealthy diet or malnourishment can also trigger irregular periods, consuming too much alcohol, smoking, and many others should be avoided.

Weight: A sudden weight gain or loss can disrupt the hormonal balance of your body that can trigger irregular periods.

Medication: if you are consuming certain medications that can disrupt your body Hormonal balance, such medication can cause irregular bleeding. Medication such as contraceptive pills, or hormonal injections to improve the endometrial or uterine line, or diabetes medication, or medication used in treating cancer can also trigger irregular periods.

Sexually transmitted disease: irregular bleeding can also occur between periods if you have SIT, but this need to be confirmed by an expert gynecologist, as there are a lot of other reasons too, so there is nothing to panic.

When to call your gynecologist?

If your periods are irregular for the first time, there is no need to panic, as irregular periods and irregular bleeding can happen to anyone, but in case if you are experiencing more than three irregular periods or irregular bleeding during your Menstruation Cycle and it's effecting your daily life activities, you should definitely consult your gynecologist, though a lot of times there is nothing serious that is been detected and such problems can easily be cured through simple medication.

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