Making the most of your living rooms space

There are no real shortcuts when it comes to interior design. If you want it looking right, you need to carefully consider the space you’re using. Getting it right is no easy feat, especially if you’re dealing with a smaller space. Dealing with small rooms is tough – and notably even tougher if you’re dealing with a communal area such as your living room. You need to find a way of incorporating your furniture, whilst making it as warm, welcoming and comfortable as possible. Nobody likes to feel cramped, so making the most of your living room’s space is essential. Get your d├ęcor right by using these space-saving tips.

Scale down or swap out

The likelihood is that you’ll often have guests in your living room. One of the worst things you can do with a small space is overcrowded it with unnecessarily large pieces of furniture. When you’re looking to kit out the room, you should consider whether a large sofa and a bookcase are necessary. Would your room better suit a small two-seater sofa and some smartly placed shelves? Focus on the necessities and avoid oversized statement pieces. Shop around for the ideally-sized options, or see if there’s something from another room in your home that you can bring in, swapping out the larger pieces which are better placed elsewhere. If you’re wary about buying new, buying second-hand items on places such as eBay or Facebook Marketplace is perfect for keeping costs down.

Focus on efficiency

An ideal tactic when making the most of space is to look at multi-purpose, cleverly designed furniture. By shopping around for pieces that will be efficient in your living room, you can properly utilize every inch of space available to you. This can include TV stands that incorporate storage and fit perfectly into the corner of your room. Rather than seeing corners as a hindrance, use them to your advantage and shop smart.

Many people like to have ottomans in their living room, so making sure this doubles as storage is crucial to making the most of your space. If you have additional storage such as an oak chest, why not cover it in blankets and cushions when you have guests round. This means extra seating, without having to get rid of your existing storage options. By investing smartly into furniture with a dual purpose, you can prevent pieces making your living room feel cramped and crowded.

Hang mirrors

You need to be careful to hang a mirror strategically if you want it to have a positive effect on a small space. There are many ways to do it right, but just as many to do it wrong. Avoid facing mirrors towards clutter or any other unsightly views. Instead, face them towards a nice view or piece of artwork, or as a way of reflecting natural light from a window. Mirrors do a great job of making space feel airier, and a big mirror above the fireplace or on a blank wall can be just the thing your room needs. 

Use lines to create space visually

Making the most of your space can all be about creating the illusion of more space. Visually speaking, you can use long lines to draw people’s eye line and give the impression of space. A great way of doing this is to lay a striped carpet – the lines should lie straight with a window or from the door, which makes the room appear longer. If you’re looking for width, then horizontal lines are the way to go. Don’t forget that a space-saving radiator is something that should be on your list as well. It looks sleek and keeps your home warm, what more can you ask for?

If you’d prefer hardwood flooring, you should also lay the planks to create the lines in a similar way. However, if replacing your flooring isn’t the best option for you, a large rug can also offer the same effect at a fraction of the cost. This goes the same for wallpaper and long hanging curtains – anything with long lines can create a visually larger space if done correctly.

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