How to maintain a beautiful backyard pond

A fish pond is a beautiful addition to your backyard, adding elegance and often making use of empty space, however, they can be hard work to maintain, especially if you’ve never had a pond before. These tips will help you to keep the stunning feature you worked so hard to create.

Cleaning Debris

Pond debris is one of the main causes of water pollution, endangering the fish and giving the pond a cluttered and dirty appearance. Debris can be organic or inorganic and can be anything from leaves that fall into the water or trash that has blown in on the wind. Removing the debris can be a difficult task if there is a large amount – in which case there are techniques that you can apply to ensure that no fish are damaged in the process – but can also be simple if there is simply some organic debris floating on top of the water.

Having a Healthy Fish Population

Whilst having fish in a backyard pond is very beautiful – with a wide variety of colors and species – it is easy to have too many fish for the size of your pond. This is not only dangerous and unpleasant for the fish, but can also have the opposite of the desired bright and colorful effect, as an overpopulated pond can be a breeding ground for algae. The best way to fix this issue is to calculate if you have overpopulated the pond and try to find a solution. Check with any pet stores to see if they can take any fish off your hands if you find yourself with too many.

Choose the Right Filter

To keep your pond looking its best, it’s essential to have a filter. Their most common uses are keeping the water clean and removing any biological waste that has formed in the pond, attending the health and appearance of the water. If left unfiltered, the waste from the fish can cause water pollution, fish poisoning, and possibly cause the water to smell. Not all filters fit right for every kind of pond, so ensure that you research which pond filter system is most suitable for you.

Plants and Ornaments

From a more visual perspective, pond ornaments such as statues and stones can really accentuate your pond and make it look visually stunning. Combined with plants, you can choose to create an elegant water feature, but be careful not to overcrowd. Plants such as water lilies are the perfect addition to any pond, beautiful and elegant, some species of these flowers can also create food for your fish. There is a wide variety of plants that can improve your water feature visually and physically, but not all plants are suited to living in water and may not survive. Before buying any plants that you are unsure about, check if they are able to live in ponds, as if not they could cause debris and may die quickly.

Maintaining a beautiful backyard pond is not an easy task, but will be worth it for the impressive visuals and serenity of hearing fish swimming on a bright summer’s day.

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