It can be a challenge to keep looking at your best whilst traveling as there are intrinsic limits to how many clothes, beauty products and accessories you can bring along on the basis you’ll have to carry it around with you… and get it through airport security which is becoming much tighter in terms of the amount of hand luggage you are able to take on board.

Now, some people are lucky enough not to have to worry about money and can, for instance, visit the boutiques of Milan, and maybe even schedule a photo shoot with a local photographer to flaunt their fashion in a portrait session, but for most of us, we do have to be a little more mindful of budget, and on that basis here are three tips for keeping stylish on your travels without breaking the bank.


The most important thing you need to do is to pick a great case, meaning, it needs to be robust and practical yet also stylish – this is particularly pertinent if you’re stopping in fancy accommodation, as make no mistake, you will be judged on your luggage.

You might want to consider choosing a hard case that is easy to spot on the airport conveyor belt, though in an ideal world, particularly if you’re traveling on a short break is to endeavor to fit everything into cabin luggage. 

One last thought is that you’ll want to make sure the case has a good handle and decent wheels that can cope with different types of surfaces. No-one likes to be dragging a case who’s wheels do not want to turn.


A capsule wardrobe relates to a small number of items of clothing that are easy to wash, quick to dry and mix and match well with each other.  If you utilize a layering technique and rotate tops with bottoms then six items of clothing could provide you with more than nine outfits, which should be more than enough for a week’s trip; the other thing to consider is that bikinis take up very little space and if you’re going somewhere beach-based then you’re likely to spend most of your time in a bikini.

The most important thing to consider however with regard to your travel wardrobe is that you’ll want to take a comfortable pair of shoes, as even in the most luxurious setting you’ll still want to make sure you’re comfortable – and heels are no good when you are spending the day sightseeing.  Therefore, you’ll want to choose outfits that look good with flat shoes as well as heels.


Most people don’t have the space to travel with full bottles of their beauty products and some products don’t come in travel size containers, but all you need to do is purchase some cheap travel-sized plastic bottles and decant your favorite products.

Hopefully, with these three tips, you’ll be in a better position to keep stylish on your travels without breaking the bank, or your back.

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