Must have colors of 2019

The new year is almost upon us so it’s the perfect time to get a head start on updating your interiors with a fresh new look. Here are some tried and tested ways of introducing the hottest shades of the season into your homes.

Colour has the biggest effect on your space, plus a pot of paint is an affordable and easy way of updating your interiors. Dulux have named their color of the year as Spiced Honey. They say that it ‘reflect[s] the new positive mood of the moment. Spiced Honey is a warm amber tone, inspired by the beauty and versatility of honey itself.

Spiced Honey can be soothing or calming, cozy or vibrant, depending on the palette you pair it with.’ Paired with earthy hues like terracotta and sage greens it will have a calming and tranquil effect on your space.

If painting sounds like too much effort, then sometimes just updating your home accessories can make all the difference. Hit two birds with one stone by introducing some helpful storage solutions and an on-trend color to your space in one swift move with a blanket box.

They fit snuggly into hallways and at the end of your bed and make a stylish addition to your home.

If you’re planning on redoing your kitchen in 2019, then interior specialists Living Etc recommend going dark. Dark kitchens are predicted to be huge for the new year and we can see why. The sophisticated and striking colors make a dramatic impact on your interiors. Top pick is for a navy kitchen – brass handles and fixings will elevate the look.

According to color experts Pantone, their predictive color trends for 2019 revolve around ‘fetish foods’. The Cravings color palette is made up of ruby reds, spicy chili and cayenne burnt oranges that all draw on your ‘sensory experiences to inspire new ones’. Colour can be a transportive tool and this bright shade will certainly help whisk you off to somewhere more exotic.

If you’re looking for bedroom inspiration, how about updating your bedding with a new hue for 2019. This navy and terracotta set from Urban Outfitters are perfect for a quick color update to your bedroom. Pair with textured throw pillow and rattan details for a boho-inspired look.

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