Why Madeira should be on your bucketlist

Are you starting to think about your summer holiday? Most of us are. Once Christmas is over and the New Year is underway, the year can begin to feel very long. It’s nice to have something in the middle to look forward to. Something to plan for, and to get excited about. To break up your year and give you something to focus on over the cold and dark days ahead.

Summer breaks are perfect. You have some time away from work and the stresses of home life to relax and recharge. A chance to reflect and to look ahead. To rest and relax. To catch up on your sleep and to get some extra vitamin D. We all need a break sometimes, and a week or two on the beach in the summertime is the best way to get it.

But, where to go. There are countless beaches all over the world: some in your home country, some on the other side of the world. They’re all different, and they all have their own benefits. The island of Madeira is one of these destinations with plenty to offer. Here are just some of the reasons why Madeira could be the perfect destination for your next beach break.

The Weather

Madeira can be the ideal destination because of the weather. Its tropical climate means that it’s steadily around 20 degrees all year around. The rainy season lasts from October to March but differs all around the Island, so you can still find somewhere relatively dry if you want to travel during these months.

This constant climate means that you can avoid busy times and travel out of season to save money, without losing the weather.

Places to Stay

Madeira offers a huge range of places to stay. From tiny boutique b&bs to large luxury hotels and everything in the middle. There is accommodation for every budget and taste, and the locals are keen to welcome tourists. That why is always good to check the best places to stay in Madeira

Things to Do

Most popular holiday destinations offer plenty of tourist attractions and things to do. But, they are aimed at tourists. They don’t necessarily show you a true view of local life. It’s almost the same as going to attractions at home.

Madeira is a little different. Whenever you visit, something is happening. Throughout the year there are food festivals, flower festivals, music festivals and more. Many of these are outdoor events that appeal to locals and tourists alike. They are relaxed and informal and the perfect chance to get stuck into local life.


The beaches are fantastic. But, most of us do want a little more from our relaxing break. Madeira is home to many public parks and green spaces. You can even go on forest walks, spotting different flora and fauna and keeping your eyes open for various animals and birds.

The vast amount of greenery also means that the air is wonderfully clean, making Madeira the perfect place to visit if you need some fresh air to clear your lungs, improve your skin and help you to get a good night’s sleep.

Food and Drink

Trying new food is often high on our things to do on holiday. We enjoy trying different cuisine, sampling local flavors and even learning new recipes to take home with us. The food and drink in Madeira are fantastic. Traditional dishes include milho,  espetada, swordfish and bolo do caco. Local alcoholic delicacy Poncha is also worth trying while you are there.


Madeira has plenty of culture and history for you to learn about while you are there. Portuguese navigators discovered it in 1419 and colonized in 1425. During this time a network of small irrigation canals called the Levada was built. You can still hike along the Levada today, where you will see some of the best scenery that the area has to offer.

The Island also has a history of sugar cane production and still supplies to the rest of Europe. Learn about all of this, as well as the countries wine history, on your visit.

Island Hopping

If you fancy a beach break with a bit of a difference, Island hopping can be great fun, and Madeira is a great place to do it from. Porto Santo is just 3 hours away and some to some of the best beaches and safest seas in Europe. You could easily hop over for a night or two during your trip.

In Madeira, you’ll be well-fed, well looked after and offered plenty to see and do. It’s the perfect place for a relaxing break, which offers much more than just a sandy beach.

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