How to stay fit this season

It happens all the time, once the weather gets colder, or the holidays kick in, we tend to forget the healthy habits that we had in summer. Let’s just say that our motivation slowly goes into hibernation, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With determination, you can still adapt to your healthy lifestyle, no matter what season it is. If you’re still in doubt, take a look at the following tips and see for yourself how easy is to stay fit during the cold season.

 1. Don’t lose your healthy eating habits! – The holidays are long gone, so you have no excuse to eat not so healthy food anymore. I know that in spring or summer, you have a multitude of fresh fruit and veggies available, but there are plenty of healthy food options to choose from in winter too. Remember that no matter the season. hydration is very important, so make sure you drink plenty of water.

2. Get your daily dose of exercise – If you’re not in the mood to workout after a busy day at the office,  why don’t you set your alarm 30 minutes earlier and start the day with a refreshing workout? That way you will enjoy an energy boost that will last through the whole day. I have an even better idea, how about exercising while you are at the office.

3. Go for a Swim – Swimming is a fun activity that also offers a full-body cardio workout and tones all your muscles. Even if the weather is bad, there’re plenty of indoor swimming pools that you can choose from. Swimming is also very relaxing, so after a hard day at work, a nice swim will relax your mind and body.

4.  Enjoy the good weather – Not all cold days are bad, so take advantage of the good weather and spend as much time as possible in nature. You can do 30 minutes of brisk walking or jogging, you name it. The fresh air so good for our bodies, so imagine what benefits a workout will have.
  These are just a few tips that help me stay in shape during the cold season. If you have other tips, don’t be shy and share them with me!

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