How Does Annual Mileage Affect the Cost of Car Insurance?

Car insurance quotations are made up of different factors, and not everyone will know how different actions affect their insurance premiums.
As insurance premiums are based on risk, the more often someone drives, the more they’re likely to pay for their insurance.
The correct mileage not only ensures that drivers are paying the right price for their insurance and ensures that the insurance valid should the worst-case scenario arise.

Does the Restriction of Annual Mileage Reduce Car Insurance? 

In some instances, lowering the distance travelled can have a positive result for those looking to reduce the price they pay for insurance.
The most expensive premium for a distance of between 12,000 and 12,999 miles averages on £523, with an increase to around £645 should the driver travel more than 15,000 miles a year.
However, as insurance quotations are made up of several factors, it’s not always the distance travelled that can be the overbearing factor, as claim history, age and location are also taken into consideration.

Working Out the Distance Travelled

Given that longer journeys can sometimes be a deciding factor as to how expensive car insurance is, it makes sense that many will be keen to know how to calculate the distance traveled. There are several ways in which this can be done.
When an MOT certificate is issued, it will show what distance was traveled the year before. Another way of checking annual mileage is to check the logbook, as mileage is recorded each time a vehicle has an annual service.
Some may choose to record the mileage when a policy is taken out so this can be used for the renewal of vehicle insurance.
The use of telematics insurance is another way of calculating the distance traveled, although there will be information recorded by the insurance company that contributes toward the price of annual car insurance.

What Type of Insurance is Available for Low Mileage Drivers?

Those that don’t use their vehicle on a regular basis will be keen to know if there are dedicated types of insurance for low mileage drivers. Those that drive less than 25 hours a week could find that the following solutions are more aligned to their requirements.
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Restricted Mileage Policies

In some instances, there are dedicated insurance plans that are tailored for those that drive less than 25 miles per day, although it’s still advisable to carry out some research before deciding.

Classic Car Insurance

Classic cars are often used less in order to preserve the vehicle, so in most instances will be driven less than 25 miles per day. Again, there can be other factors that need to be considered to ensure that this is the best type of insurance.

Black Box Car Insurance

Also known as telematics insurance, this allows drivers to deliver information back to the insurers via a device or smartphone app. This type of insurance is best suited to younger drivers and those new to driving.

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