How to achieve a modern kitchen design

No matter the occasion, whether it’s just family gathering, an evening meal, or even if you’re having friends around, everyone seems to gather in the kitchen. So, give it a revamp with some quick and easy contemporary design tips, including the latest worktop styles, lighting techniques, and appliance types to transform your kitchen into a modern space, that’s perfect for cooking and enjoying some company.

New kitchen work surfaces

Worktops are often the first thing we notice and the one thing we use the most in the kitchen, especially if you think of yourself a quite the master chef. So, to create a truly modern space, these need to be just right. Luckily, there’s a wide variety of modern kitchen composite worktops in various colors and patterns available, so you can choose the ones that are right for you.

The real benefit of these surfaces is that they are much easier to look after than natural stones, particularly very porous ones such as marble. For a real modern-luxury look, faux marble is also fantastic for providing a protective splashback with less of the expense than real marble.

Clear-cut lines

Modern and contemporary home d├ęcor focuses on sharp clear-cut lines with few protruding attachments that can break the boundary. The in-frame construction methods of kitchen cabinet doors that have no handles are contemporary and very resilient — giving this design feature bonus points over others.

If you’re uneasy about all handle-free doors, you can install a run of classic cabinets and spruce them up with a few petite and sleek bar handles. In smaller modern kitchens, the absence of handles conveniently makes the room look larger. But it also prevents an overload of attachments that stick out and get in the way in a kitchen with lots of cabinets and units. Add cool built-in appliances and top with colorful worktops to enhance the contemporary effect.

You can also add a fresh look to your kitchen by simply fitting new doors to the already installed cabinets. It’s a much cheaper alternative than buying a new kitchen and it changes the room completely.

At Kitchen Warehouse they have a large range of gorgeous kitchen units, so it’s practically impossible not to find something that will suit your taste.

Minimise clutter

Minimising mess is a must in a modern kitchen – and whilst using your favorite appliance as a focal point, or statement, is a good idea, it doesn’t work for all your kitchen paraphernalia, you must find storage for other utensils and appliances to reduce clutter. Consider implementing deep pan drawers and tambour units to keep appliances and crockery out of sight.

Even though we all like to show off our cool KitchenAid mixers and other appliances, the first step to a contemporary space is keeping as many items as possible out of view and in drawers or units. Floor-to-ceiling cupboards with no handles can hide untidy sections and are a good option — granted that you have space.

Of course, you don’t want to fumble around for what you need, so consider where you’re storing your often-used items. Put pan drawers by ovens, larders close to preparation areas, and dishes close to the dishwasher.

What kitchen appliances to get and where to put them

If you spend most of your time in the kitchen, making culinary delights and fancy ‘restaurant-style’ meals, you will be keen on having the best appliances in your kitchen. If you have your eye on one of those big range cookers, go for one of the modern steel models from Smeg or Mercury.

Try and keep sightlines clear by installing below-cabinet, in-ceiling or pop-up extractors, then invest in built-in cooking appliances and finish off the job with extras such as a boiling water tap, pop-up power points, and cool lighting fixtures. To get the contemporary kitchen look, it helps to put items such as washing machines and tumble dryers in utility rooms and ensure your fridge and freezer are stored behind closed doors.

These are just a few tips that can help you spruce up your kitchen without having to spend a fortune. If you have other tips, you can share them in the comment section below.

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