What Cleaning Products Do Professional Cleaning Companies Use?

In the modern world, professional carpet cleaning is a whole technology, a separate industry with its own standards, technical conditions, specialized tools and personnel who undergo special training. In order to know how to keep, for example, an office or a restaurant clean, it's important that you did some studies and know what you're doing. 

Today, society asks from such a specialist to present a professional diploma, the receipt of which involves the study, including professional chemistry for cleaning. 
Cafes, offices, restaurants, shopping centers are public places that need professional care. Thousands of people come here every day, not every one of them takes off their outer clothing indoors and most definitely - no one changes their shoes to slippers. This means that dust and dirt from the street completely penetrate into the rooms on hundreds of boots and coats. 
We add here the pathogenic microorganisms - viruses, bacteria, fungi, which with each sneeze and touch settle on the walls, door handles and other details of the office interior. It is quite obvious that public places, visited by dozens of people daily, imply high standards of cleanliness and hygiene, which can only be observed with professional cleaning chemistry. 
In addition, the expensive interior decoration of a boutique or representative office requires specialized care, protection from damage and extended service life.
All these challenges of modern business life, pose professional carpet cleaning tasks that cannot be solved without the use of professional cleaning products, namely: 
- to disinfect the carpet, create a barrier to the spread of harmful microorganisms and the accumulation of allergens; 
- protect surfaces from activewear, extend the term of use of the finish; 
- provide a fresh, natural smell in the room for a long time.

Features of Professional Carpet Cleaning Products

So, the cleaning products handle the problems described above. It differs from household chemicals in a number of properties and qualities. 
The range of cleaning products is quite extensive. This is due to the fact that the developers of specialized chemicals for professional cleaning avoid universal products (and this is one of the basic differences between professional and household chemicals, which, on the contrary, is generally universal and suitable for use on various surfaces). 
As a rule, household chemicals have a narrow effect on a specific material or surface. Specialized cleaning chemistry involves the use of professional equipment. 
High and long-lasting cleansing, disinfecting and deodorizing effect; scratch repair; giving surfaces dust and dirt-repellent properties. 

What Professional Cleaning Chemicals to Choose?

Actually, professional carpet cleaning companies need a detailed familiarization with the nomenclature of professional chemistry for cleaning and its properties. Choosing professional chemistry for a professional carpet cleaning company is a pretty serious step; the transition from one brand to another may mean some changes in the cleaning technology adopted by the company, and even require additional equipment. 
Therefore, an important nuance when familiarizing yourself with a new brand of professional chemistry is a high-quality contact with a supplier, a representative of cleaning products, which assumes long-term further cooperation. 

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