10 Wedding Favors Ideas For 2020

Are you getting ready to get married in 2020? Congratulations! Then you must be in the fever of preparations for the Big Day and I can totally understand how stressed you are. Every bride wants to have the perfect wedding, happy guests and lovely memories and that's why it's never to early to start preparing everything to the last detail, right?

The wedding favours subject is a very important one in my opinion. There's always so much stress related to this particular subject, what it's best to buy, how much you should invest in them and so on. I get it, you want to show your guests your appreciation and to say thank you through these favours, but you know, they don't have to break the bank in order to be memorable. Yes, that's right! There are a lot of cheap wedding favours that are simply amazing, so if I caught your attention, let's check out some of them, maybe you get inspired.

Pretty Tea Bags - who doesn't love a delicious cup of tea? You can choose any herbal tea of your liking, like Jasmine, Earl Grey, Mint or you can create your own blend just for this occasion. That would be pretty cool, right?

Candy Buffet - I really don't know anyone that says no to candy, after all, we're all children in our hearts, right? You can buy cute paper bags where you can print the date of your wedding and maybe the guest's name to make everything more personal.

You can also look for a Chocolate moulds supplier and create special chocolate favors for your guests. Pretty cool, right?

Flower seeds - A thoughtful and interesting gift I would say. You can buy small organza bags and add a little tag with the date and a sweet message to the guest, or you can put them in a personalized envelope. Not only is this type of favour kind on the pocket but folks then feel honored that you’ve taken the time and effort to really provide something special for them on your big day.

Popcorn bag - A great, light little snack that guests can munch on when they feel like it. You can make it yourself and put it in small cellophane bags. Don't forget to add small personalized tags with the date of the event and a thank you note.

Fruits -  I bet fruits weren't on your wedding favors list, am I right? Well, why not? They're not expensive, especially if you pick seasonal fruits and they can also make fab card holders too! Be sure to give them a nice presentation, cute little boxes if you go for berries or strawberries, or a lovely tag if you decide to go for apples or pears.

Honey Jars - Show your guests just how sweet they are with these cute jars. Just look for tiny jars and don't forget to add a small personalized note in order to make things more special.

Small chocolate bar -  What person doesn't love chocolate? You can look for small chocolate bars and you can make for them a DIY wrapping with all the details of your wedding and a thank you note.

DIY candles - You can pour candles in mini jars and garnish them with dried flowers or with evergreens if you're getting married in winter.

Personalized pencils - You can personalize pencils with your name and wedding date and gift them together with a small notebook. You can also make a guest book where guests can get to try these gifts and write to you a small message.

Small plant pots - Plants are always a good idea. You have a wide variety of plants to choose from but I would advise you to go for succulents. They look good and they are very resistant. 

Of course, getting married doesn't mean just stress, you also have to enjoy the whole process and of course, your hen party. In order to make things more interesting and fun, of course, you have to think of some hen party games that everyone will enjoy.

Advice for the bride - You can ask your friends to write down some valuable (or funny!) advice and then you can then read these out to the group and you can guess who suggested what.

True or False - Make a list of statements about the bride, some of which are true, and some of which are funny and false. Read them out and get the hens to guess if it’s true or false. It’s fun to see what people believe to be true about the bride.

Never have I ever - It's fun and it’s a great way to find out some more risqué things about the other hens.

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