4 ways to live a more eco-friendly life

It’s 2020, a new year and a new decade! The perfect time to make some changes in your life, with some challenges easier to tackle than others. After hearing of the devastating effects of how we live on the planet, more of us are looking to change our habits and replace them with new and improved ones.

To help you along the way, here are 4 tips to help you live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. 

Reuse your bags

Until 2015 plastic bags were free in shops across the UK, leaving many of us tempted to take a bag or two for convenience. Since a charge was implemented the amount of plastic bags being used in supermarkets is down 90% according to Gov UK.

With less of us buying plastic bags and more of us bringing our own bags each time we shop, this is helping with creating a more eco-friendly life and we also save money.

Recycle your packaging

If you order anything online, you know it will more than likely to arrive in a massive box (which it doesn’t need) or something which isn’t recyclable. By looking into the ethos behind the company you can often find out what they are attempting to do for a more eco-friendly future. Companies such as Boots and Hotel Chocolat are companies that are on a mission to alternatives methods of packaging, which can be fully recycled and is the right size for the product.

Boots and Hotel Chocolat were surprised when they found out about Lil Packaging who together came up with a more eco-friendly way to package and send their products. Once the item arrives, the packaging has clear instructions on how to recycle the packaging.

Donate and buy secondhand 

By shopping secondhand you can give a preloved item a home, with charity shops offering clothes, shoes, books and more for purchase. Secondhand shopping allows clothes to be given a new lease of life and not just disposed of. Plus charity shops are filled with hidden gems such as designer brands and also new items. 

Reduce the use of plastic 

Many of us use plastic on a day to day basis without even realizing it. With our food, cleaning products and shopping all containing plastic. When looking for plastic-free options, head to stores that offer alternatives, e.g. paper bags for your fruit and veggies and cleaning products in recyclable packaging.

With more products on offer than ever before, we can step towards a plastic-free future and help reverse the damage of the planet from years of plastic living.

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