With the new year settling in, it’s time to start working hard on those resolutions that you’ve made and what better way to do it than redecorating and reorganizing your living space in order to reflect your new goals. The task of livening up a room can seem intimidating and difficult, but it’s actually really easy and budget-friendly if you pay attention to the details.
In order to make things easier for you, I’ve put together 5 tips that will help you re-decorate your room in no time! Enjoy!

This is a serious issue that a lot of people don’t take care of. The fact is though if a room is cluttered and cramped it’s going to feel dull and much smaller than it actually is. Get rid of the excess things – just think that if you didn’t touch that thing in a year, chances are you don’t need it! Now, don’t get me wrong, you don’t need to throw everything, you can also store the things that you don’t use that often in a locker or maybe your attic. That way if you need them, you always know where to find them, but at the same time they are out of your way
Another way to minimize clutter in your home is to use online tech sites to recycle iPads, smartphones, laptops, and other electronics you no longer use collecting dust in your home.
Do the de-cluttering first, and then you can begin your styling expedition.

Paint or add wallpaper

I see the walls of a room like a white canvas ready for its work of art. Always go for bright colors because bright colours brighten up any room and they make it look larger. 
Wallpaper is one home decor trend that will make its comeback in full force in 2020. There are a multitude of models that you can choose from, you just have to check with your wallpaper retailer and pick the one that you like most.
Wallpaper is also easier to apply and don’t compare with paint at all in my opinion. For an extra special effect, you can use more wallpaper models for one room, pretty ingenious right?

Add mirrors 

Another way to brighten up your living space is by adding mirrors. By placing mirrors opposite each other, you can create a cool optical illusion, making the room feel gigantic. Also by placing glass, mirrors or crystals near windows, you can make sure that the natural light will reflect in different, and more effective, ways.

Never underestimate the power of house plants. Adding a little greenery will make any room feel outdoorsy and lively. Better yet, get some flowers among your greenery to add little splashes of bright colour to balance out all the green. 

Apart from creating a good talking point between you and your guests, interesting wall art will create a positive ambiance in your living room. Here you can use wallpaper again to create a work of art, or you can add paintings, sculptures or whatever makes you feel good. Just be creative and let your imagination flow.
I hope that my ideas will inspire you and that will help you create your dream living space.

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