7 Things to Learn from Travelling

When you go travelling, it may come as no surprise that you can learn a thing or two about the world, and about yourself. Some of these might surprise you, some of these you may have already experienced yourself, and some you may just get to look forward to!

In this piece, we will show you some of the lessons you can learn from travelling.

You Can Learn a lot About Life

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Starting with the big one, this may seem obvious, but we can learn so much about life on our travels. This can be about our own lives or the lives that others lead. How you live your life at home may become alien to you, as you try to navigate the way to order food in French or the roads of Rome. These lessons open you up to be more tolerant and understanding of other people’s experiences, values and traditions. 

How To Expect the Unexpected  

When travelling, you might come across a lot of unexpected happenings. These could be things you aren’t accustomed to or complications that come with travelling, such as being delayed, missing travel arrangements, or becoming lost. Travelling helps you to expect that these issues might happen and also help you to accept it. Learning this is a great tool for life, especially when back at home, as normal day to day life can also be very unexpected.

How to Make Decisions 

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 In an era where we are offered so much choice, it is hard to know what the right choice would be, especially if there is an abundance of options to choose from. When you’re at home, you already know what your favorite shop or bar is. You don’t have to make too much of a choice, especially when you know what you have to choose from. When you’re in a country you don’t know much about, you may have to make a lot more decisions than usual, and practice makes perfect!  

You Learn to Talk to People

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When we’re in an environment that we’re comfortable in, and we know what we’re doing, there is also less of a reason to talk to people. When you’re travelling, and especially solo, you learn to talk to people again. This might be because of shared interest, or a shared situation, but also to ask for help. There is definitely bonding in a moment where a group of you might be trying to speak a new language or don’t quite know how the toilets operate!

You Have to Try New Things 

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You might be surprised to learn that not every town you will travel to has your favourite burger and chips. In fact, there is a danger that you might look at a menu and be faced with food you have never tried before! Maybe you have to go to somewhere you’ve never been, in transport you’ve never used! Either way, you will be made to try new things, which in turn will help encourage you to keep trying new things.

You Can Develop Confidence  

It may come as no surprise that you can develop a lot of confidence when travelling! This often comes from the collective points above. Being able to make your own decisions, talking to strangers and learning to adapt to new environments and cultures can all boost your self-esteem. This can also help develop your confidence as stepping outside your comfort zone becomes normality.

You Learn to Adapt

When you go travelling, there is a highly likely chance that sometimes you will have to abandon pre-determined plans and adapt to a new one. This could be for many reasons, and flexibility is key here. One of the great things about learning to adapt is that the new adventure or turn of events could show itself to be even better than the original plan! 

We hope this piece has given you some inspiration to travel and enjoy everything it has to offer. If you like to travel in style, then browse through these luxury holiday villas in the South of France to find somewhere magical to stay between your travels. 

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