How to plan the perfect romantic getaway

Time passes so fast and it’s important to make the most of it with every chance that we have. I’m getting sentimental here, but in a few weeks me and my husband have our wedding anniversary and I decided to surprise him with something that we both love, a romantic getaway.

We haven’t traveled much since our little daughter was born and I think it’s time to change that and explore new countries, just like we used to. But you know what? Planning a getaway is not as easy as it seems, especially when you’re trying to do it alone and surprise your partner and that’s where the idea for this post came.

To make it easier, I’ve put together a few tips that will help you plan the perfect getaway in no time! Curious? Then read on!

Set a budget

First of all, the budget depends on what holiday you would like to have. This year I wanted something special so I decided to book a cruise. I searched where it is best to book cruise holidays and I picked one that I know for sure we would both enjoy.

What destination to pick?

Well, here my friend you have to rely on how well you know your partner. Think about where you’d like to go, where your partner would want, do you have a place that both of you want to visit? Make a list of all the destinations that are on your bucket list and try to find the perfect one. Choosing your destination is the beginning of an exciting process for creating the perfect vacation.

You know what’s nice when you’re on a cruise? You get to enjoy all the lovely things that a cruise has to offer, stunning entertainment and amenities and also see lovely places. It’s really a unique experience and holiday in my opinion and you can never go wrong with it. Alternatively, you don’t need to go abroad for a couples getaway – there are plenty of romantic UK cities to explore.

Do your research about the destination

You don’t want to go on holiday and know nothing about the place you are visiting. So learn as much as you can about the destination that you picked. Make itineraries of the places you want to visit, check for restaurant reviews, ask other people that visited the same place. In a few words, make things easier for you, that way you won’t have to lose time by asking around there and you can enjoy your holiday.

Transport is important

It may not seem that way, but at least for our family, it’s quite an issue and that’s why we always discuss it before we book a trip. Why is that? Well, I am terrified of flying and my husband doesn’t really enjoy driving, especially in a foreign country where he doesn’t know the roads. So that’s why for us a cruise was the perfect solution!

I don’t pretend I’m a know it all but these tips really help me every time I want to plan a nice getaway and I really hope they’ll help you too.

Take advantage of your time spent together on your vacation. Do things you never thought you would do. Make your vacation as memorable as possible because these will be the stories that you as a couple hold with you always. And don’t forget, it’s never too early to start planning your next vacation!

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