Mother's Day gift ideas

I know what you're thinking, the New Year celebration just passed and I am here talking about Mother's Day gifts. Well, I do believe that it's never to early to buy a gift and it's better to prepare yourself upfront and to take your time to find the right gift than leave the shopping till the last minute. when you're already stressed about it and you might settle for less just to get it done.

I have to say that I did not care much for Mother’s Day until I became a mother myself. You know what they say, you have to go through a situation to actually feel it completely. This was the case with me and Mother’s Day. Now, don’t get me wrong, I was buying my mom flowers and I was trying to make her day special, but it had a different charm when you’re a mother yourself.

Without getting more sentimental, I thought it would be a good idea to create a small gift guide for anyone that’s having trouble with their Mother’s Day presents. It can be a little tricky to get the right gift, but not impossible and that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

But what is it that a mother wants? Hmm, tough question! The answer differs from person to person but I believe that the gifts I included in this gift guide are very nice and every woman would love them!

Handmade card

If you want a gift to be special, then you can’t go wrong with handmade gifts. These could be made by the children together with you, or you can make it yourself, I really don't think that we're ever too old to give our mothers a lovely card made by us, right? Pinterest has lots of craft ideas for you to explore. 

For example, I downloaded a lovely image from Pinterest and I edited it using a beautiful free font that I found on Font Bundles and I thought suits the image better. The result was fantastic! You can use any image you like, edit it with a font free and the result will be amazing! You don't have to believe me, just see for yourself.

Handmade gifts show thought, effort and time. They will always be appreciated and well-received.


I know what you're thinking, this is quite a cliche, but as long as it's a well-received gift, why not? I personally love flowers and I am always happy to receive them. A bunch of lovely flowers from my children means much more, it means that they thought of me and that makes those flowers so special. Don't you agree? Add to those lovely flowers a card and a box of chocolates and there you have it! A lovely gift that won't break the bank and will make your mother happy.


You could organize a family photo shoot. Most mothers will agree that they are normally the one behind the camera. Not in front of it. This will give you the perfect opportunity to obtain a gorgeous set of family snaps. You may not have it booked and done in time for Mother’s Day. But you could let them know that’s what’s been booked and allow them to plan their special shoot. This could then turn into a yearly tradition where you can see how your family changes over the years.

Spa day or a tea party

This is not your usual Mother's Day gift but why not make it special this year. You can book her a spa day where she can enjoy and relax or maybe a tea party where you can celebrate together. Any of these can be presented on the day and then booked at your mums’ leisure.

A good book

Who doesn’t love a good book? I know I do! I love them, love to buy them and love to receive them. A book is like a break from everyday life, it’s relaxing and if it’s given by someone dear to you it can even make a great memory of the event in time. What books should you buy? Well, that depends on what your loved one likes to read. It can be a book that she had a long time on her wishlist, a novel, a romance, just about anything and don’t forget to write a nice message inside too.

However you decide to treat your wonderful mum this Mother’s Day, just remember the important things. She will want to know how much you love and appreciate her; she will want to spend some quality time with you. If that’s all you end up doing then you can be sure her day will be amazing!

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