A Shoppers List of Denim Skirt Buying Questions

There are so many factors that go into finding the right denim skirt that they can make your head spin. Whenever you are denim skirt shopping, it is best to have a checklist already in mind, or even written down. That can help you choose one that you can get the most use out of and enjoy for a long time. Here is a shoppers list of denim skirt buying questions to get you started.

What is the Ideal Denim Skirt Length?

This is a question that is very much open-ended. The answer depends on you and your environment. You have to elaborate by asking yourself some more detailed questions. What is the weather like where you live? What types of activities will you do while wearing the skirt? Do you intend to wear it to work, casually or both?

Most of the time, it is helpful to get a denim skirt that is at least knee-length or possibly a little longer. Skirts of that length can often serve multiple purposes. However, if you simply want a skirt to wear while out clubbing, a mini denim skirt may work. Conversely, you might want a maxi skirt when it is chilly out or you simply want to look a bit more appropriate for other situations.

What Type of Denim Are You Buying?

You might think all denim is the same, but it is definitely not. When you shop for denim clothing you have to inspect tags. Look to see if you are buying denim or a blend of denim and another fabric. Blends are often stretchier and more comfortable. Non-blends are often sturdier and stronger, meaning they tend to last longer.

You also have to consider whether the denim skirt you are buying is washed or not. Denim referred to as “washed” is literally washed during production. Unwashed denim can shrink when you wash it at home, while washed denim usually does not. However, washed denim also has a faded look that is not everyone's preference. If you want to buy unwashed denim, you may need a size up from what you expect to compensate for the possible shrinking during the laundry cycle.

What is the Best Denim Skirt Color?

Blue jeans are so popular that many people think denim tends to only be blue or sometimes black. However, denim comes in all the colors of the rainbow. You can also purchase bright or subdued shades. The color of the denim skirt you should buy depends greatly on what color you like. It also depends on whether you want the skirt to be the base of your outfit or not.

When using denim as a base for an outfit, blue or black is often best. Most of the tops in your wardrobe are easy to match with it. However, if you prefer the skirt itself to be the stand-out piece of your outfit, a bolder color might be a better choice. Only you can make that determination based on what you like and when you plan to wear the skirt.

What Special Features Do You Want Your Skirt to Have?

Many denim skirts have special features. Some have sashes or belts. Others have pleats or pockets. You can choose a skirt with a slit up the leg. There are also some with zippers, buttons or snaps. Choosing a denim skirt with special features is one way to express your personality, but there is also nothing wrong with opting for a simple, no-frills skirt that goes with more accessories and tops.

Which Denim Skirt Makes You Happy?

Ultimately, you have to determine which denim skirt makes you happy. If you are not happy with your purchase, you will be reluctant to ever wear a skirt. The denim skirt you choose should be one you are drawn to. When you love it, it will get plenty of use.

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