7 Ways to increase your home value this summer

Summer is just around the corner and we all know that's the perfect time to spruce up our home in the best way we can, especially if you're planning to sell it in the future. There are a lot of simple and elegant solutions which you should consider to increase the value of your home. To be able to boost the value of your property, effectively climb the real estate ladder, and make the most of your investments you should adopt any or several of the following ideas.

Improve the rooms: find innovative ways to increase the appeal of all the rooms in the house. Maximize the available space by finding a way to make use of excess space that makes a room look too empty, or clearing away clutter so as to make more space in rooms that seem too tight. Make the most of each room by strategically placing furniture and making decorations and art, so as to create a more attractive and relaxing atmosphere. Also, consider adding or taking down walls to improve the living space. Don't forget to replace the skirting if it's too old and add fresh color to the walls.

Add/update the heating and ventilation systems: adding central heating and ventilation systems are among the top investments which you could make on your home that would create a large boost in its value. If your home already has a central heating and ventilation system, you should consider upgrading it so as to effectively increase the value. When it comes to purchasing a new home, these are usually among the top of the list features which every buyer looks out for.

Boost utilities: if your home is relatively old, updating its utilities such as electricity, gas, and water would help to make it more appealing. You need to rewire the electricity, update the fuse boxes, and install efficient systems.

Repair structural issues: you should take care of certain structural issues such as cracks on the walls, leaky roofs, and moldy ceilings. A lot of structural issues might develop due to the passage of time. Make sure any and all issues are fixed so as to create a safe living environment.

Increase the curb appeal: the look of your home from the street is the first good impression you could create for your home. The look of your home’s exterior should be enough to attract prospective buyers and make them want to walk right to your front door. Buyers will be on a budget and working to mortgage calculations, so try to make your home as appealing as possible to get the most from the sale you can.  Maintain the lawns and gardens and take care of your trees if you happen to have any.

Replace/repair the roofing: Well done roofing or loft conversions could be a huge value booster for your home. Doing a conversion would create an extra bedroom which would serve as an added bonus. You need to make sure that your roof has space and is strong enough to be able to be actually converted.

Update the kitchen: the kitchen is often one of the most attractive and most expensive parts of the home. It is among the first attractions that buyers look at before deciding whether the property is good enough for them or not. A hygienic and updated kitchen would greatly add to the value of your home.

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