Senior grand announcements for the best graduation day

It seems like yesterday your parents were dropping you off for your first year of residence and now here you are, close to your graduation day. Time flies, don't you think? With graduation approaching, it's time to sit back, relax a little and take your time to appreciate what you have accomplished and what better way to celebrate that then not with the people you love?

This is the DAY, the day when all your hard work pays off and it's important to celebrate it properly. Because I know you must have a lot on your mind, I've decided to give you a hand and let know you a few tips that will help you make graduation day something to remember. Are you ready? Then read on!


Whether you’re celebrating your high school graduation or a college graduation celebration, this day marks an important milestone that deserves formal attention and proper etiquette. Why should you send these invitations? Simple! Your loved ones will want to know and be there to celebrate together. Hence, it's the perfect opportunity for your family to brag about your accomplishments. 

You can easily take your time and look for the perfect senior grand announcements or college graduation party invitations. With so many options to choose from, I am pretty sure you will find something to your liking. Also, don't forget to add the following:

Full Name
Graduation Year
Name of High School or College
Degree Earned and Major
Date of Graduation

Who should you send the invitations to?

Tricky question? Not so much! First of all, your family. They've been there for you, supported you, so they should be no1 on your list. Even if your family already knows the details of your graduation day, it's still nice to have an official invitation that they can keep as a memory. Then you should not forget your friends, your tutors and of course, yourself. Yes, you read well. Why not send yourself a card to celebrate such an important day? You'll love it, trust me!

When to send the invitations?

Graduation invitations should be sent at least 3 weeks before the big event. I know most of your family already cleared out their schedules for that day, but if you really don't want anyone to miss this, it's better to send them as soon as possible.

Don't forget to say THANK YOU

When you order the graduation invitations, don't forget to order thank you notes. You can also do this after the graduation party, as long as you don't forget it. It's a very nice gesture and shows everyone that you care for them and that you cherish the fact that they could be with you for such an important occasion. 

No matter what, relax and remember that planning before your big day leads to stress-free fun during! This is your time, and everyone is proud of you. Take pride in your amazing day and cheers to the future!

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