The amazing impact pets have on our mental health

The connection between humans and animals is ancient but in time things have changed for the better bringing this incredible bond even further. Nowadays pets aren't just animals that we keep around the garden, that are meant to guard our home, they are family members with equal rights.

It's very difficult to even try to express into words the happiness that a pet can bring to someone. Even if you are the one that's taking care of your pet, the love and support that you get back from them are huge.

It has also been shown that spending time with animals has incredible effects on our mental health and I couldn't agree more. For example, tell me that you don't melt and forget about everything when you come home from a hard day at work and your furry buddy is waiting for you wiggling its tail. I know, right? Because it's important to understand why pets are so special to us, here are other reasons why pets have a positive impact on our mental health.

Pets don't judge

Pets don't care that you haven't got out of your house for a few days or that you're wearing the same clothes for two days. You don't need to impress them with fancy things. They're just happy to be in your company and to be loved by you. As a pet parent myself, I have to say that even though pets aren't impressed with the things you get for them, I always try to spoil my fur babies.

VectorPets have amazing Animal Illustration where you can vectorize your pet's picture and create a wonderful memory. It looks super cute and cool and even though it's more a present for the owner than for the pet it's something that you'll both enjoy.

Pets encourage social interaction

Let's face it, walking your dog is often considered as a chore, but what if you change your mindset and start to think of it as a great way to spend the time outdoors with your beloved animal? It's a great way for you to stay active and also socialize and get rid of anxiety talking with other pet owners just like you. 

Pets relieve stress

My furry babies Maxy & Missy 

I'll be honest with you, I'm feeling more relaxed just by writing about this topic. I adore my two cats and even though they're not as friendly as I would like them to be, they do a lot for my mental health. It's not for nothing that some workplaces and even hospitals bring animals in for people to pet and it's not just petting. Just by taking care of a pet, your stress level goes down because you take your mind off things and concentrate on your furry friend. 

Pets help you build a routine

If you've ever owned a pet, you probably know that look that says "feed me", "take me for a walk", "play with me". Pets love routines and routines are good for people too. Pets encourage you to wake, eat, play, exercise and sleep at regular times. Routines give your days purpose and structure which are supportive factors to manage conditions depression and anxiety.

What about you?

Do you have a pet you can rely on to help improve your stress levels and overall health? Have you noticed feeling better mentally after spending time with your pet (or any animal)? 

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