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With so many options in luxury vinyl flooring on the marketplace, it can be easy to be lost in the woods… or stones… or whatever designs that you have in mind.

It's no secret that people choose vinyl for its cheapness, durability and ease in installation but what about its vast ranges in styles and palettes that make it indistinguishable from the real thing?

People choose a wide selection based on their tastes and lifestyles, so let’s see what the selections most popular are. 

Light and Dark Woods

The most popular option is a selection of either light natural wood or a broody dark wood feel for their flooring.

This is undoubtedly a much cheaper option over having the real thing and does not come with the hassle of cumbersome installation or wood chippings and scarring of wood through movement of furniture. Having the floor a light wood feel gives a sense of a natural environment and a fresh feel whilst a dark wood gives a sophisticated and rich reflection for the room which is sure to impress.

With so many styles to choose from, it’s no wonder that light and dark wood vinyl has something for everyone.

Stone to Suit

Another popular desire is for the look of stone flooring throughout the home.

Naturally, the benefits of stone styled luxury vinyl comes within a cost and implementation factor, as there is no risk of chipped stone like the real counterpart and the ease of installing and taking out individual sections means you would not disrupt your floor and need stone cut specific like you would with the real deal.

Replicating the look of graphene, slate, or concrete within your home gives your kitchen and living areas a look of care and precision, which is a joy for visitors and a highlight of your class.

Choices in Design

Those looking for a unique spin on their home can choose to mix designs up between rooms.

If your kitchen and dining area are a large enough area, have a mixture of designs to give the space an identity of two different environments. This does not necessarily mean mixing woods and stone throughout the floor, but mixing up plank designs with one half of the room with a funky crossed design whilst the other has a straight design can really highlight a creative spin on your home. Besides, who says things have to have an order in your home. 

Different Suppliers for Different Lifestyles

So in choosing to go with the luxury vinyl flooring route you are provided with a huge wealth of options provided by a huge selection of brands and suppliers of LVT.

There are specialists for every type of transformation with your flooring with very unique and polished products. Amtico is a leading brand that has been providing vinyl flooring as the original manufacturer of LVT. Providing such ranges as Signature Woods, Form and Spacia stone among its many different specialist styles, Amtico has unrivaled excellence in bringing the very best out of people's homes from the ground up. 

Luvanto is another very popular brand with exclusive collections of woods and tiles that bring out a fresh and professional look to the home. Featuring oak, wood and tile effect flooring among their stunning ranges such as Herringbone and Parquet, Luvanto brings the stunningly realistic look at a spectacular affordable price.

Invictus knows how to impress your guests without you even having to think about it. Optimus, Maximus and Maximus Click ranges are there to bring your home vinyl flooring into the 21st Century and beyond because its that durable. 

If your home is your castle then it's only right that the steps you take to make it become so are the most cost-effective, polished and professional steps you can take.

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