5 exterior design ideas for a stunning garden


Have you been dreaming about transforming your garden? Perhaps you’ve been busy while everyone had the renovation bug and now you want to give it a go? It’s never too late to start, trust me!

I’ve been meaning to do a garden makeover a while ago, but time has never been on my side, so when I finally had some free time on my hands, I put them to work and turned my garden space upside down (in a good way… I think). I decided to completely change it to the best of my abilities, of course, from painting fences to planting new colourful flowers and even creating a waterproof retreat in the middle of my garden, sounds interesting? Grab a cuppa and let me tell you more.

A new lick of paint.

garden fence with tulips

Get the paintbrush out, some new fresh colours and get to work. Pain the fence, the shed, your doors and the exterior of your house while you’re at it! Not only will it look stunning, but it will also protect wood from weather damage.

But why would I paint my garden during autumn? You might ask. As this article on We Love Home Blog mentions, “Summer months can actually be too hot for painting as the paint can dry too fast. And you don’t want to paint in deep winter as it can be too frosty or wet.” So, autumn is the perfect time!

Add something special.

Garden roof

For me it was a waterproof retreat, a modern pergola. For you, it can be a gazebo, pool house or one of Designer Shade Solution retractable roofs, like me! These modern pergolas feature a retractable louvered roof that can open when the weather is nice and close if it starts to rain. Plus, these can be further enhanced with side glass windows, heating and lighting to create the perfect outdoor retreat that you can enjoy no matter the weather.

Flowers and veggies.

Put your green thumb to action and plant some colourful flowers, fruits plants and veggies in a little corner of your garden. What’s better than your homemade Crimble crumble with homegrown apples, strawberries and rhubarb? Nothing, that’s what. I could go for one right now!

Hello wildlife.


As Welcome Wildlife states in this blog post, “A yard of any size, even a tiny one, can provide the basics of a backyard wildlife habitat: food, water, cover, and nesting places.” Whether you have a few teacups with bird food inside or a small pond for animals to drink water, it’s a step further to help wildlife get some of the basics they need for survival plus, you can enjoy watching them!

Make it glow.

Add some lighting to your garden or patio space to make it glow. From fairy lights to solar outdoor lights, there are plenty of options available to create the perfect radiant garden space, so choose your favorites and have fun with it!

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