Ironmongery trends for autumn 2020


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Leaves are falling and turning yellow, the weather is no longer sunny and there is a scent of pumpkin spice latte in the air, it means that autumn has arrived. With autumn comes the best time to renovate your home, it’s not too hot, not too cold – it’s perfect! If you want to change some little things around your home, I’d recommend replacing old and outdated ironmongery.

As Ironmongery Experts UK mention on a recent blog post about the importance of architectural ironmongery, “ironmongery plays an important role in everyone’s day-to-day life – from operating doors to closing windows, architectural ironmongery is present.” They also add how ironmongery makes a building more secure and accessible while adding an ornamental element that can tie-in the property’s style.

So, changing ironmongery can actually have a big impact on the overall d├ęcor of your home. Do you have old doorknobs? Perhaps door hinges that look a bit grubby? Maybe your front door ironmongery could be a bit more modern? Then, it’s time for a change! I’ve put together some of my favorite ironmongery trends to give you some inspiration and ideas.

Black is the new black.

Have you been seeing black door furniture and other black ironmongery pop up on your Pinterest or Instagram lately? Forget about all the other colors and tones that are the new black because black is back and is definitely here to stay. As Mummy vs Work says, “There is something magical about black door furniture, it’s elegant, bold and always beautiful.”

Textured door handles.

For extra grip and added visual appeal, textured door handles are a perfect choice. No more plain and flat interiors instead, add some textures to make your home that bit more interesting!

Play with different metals and styles.

Do you like your ironmongery to be uniform and the same tone? Get out of your comfort zone and play around with ironmongery styles and metals to give your home some visually interesting elements. Time with Thea mentions, “Make your personality shine through your ironmongery by choosing some unique door handles or by mixing ironmongery styles together.”

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