Tips on applying hand sanitizer


applying hand sanitizer

Keeping your hands squeaky clean is as easy as popping open a bottle of hand sanitizer and rubbing your hands together until they’re dry. Sounds easy, right? Well, there is a bit more than goes into it than that. Today, I’ve partnered up with Ocean Free, leading UK hand sanitizer manufacturer, to give you some insight into all things sanitizer, including how to properly apply hand sanitizer from Ocean Free.

First, why is washing your hands so important? Washing your hands with hand sanitizer or with soap and water is extremely important to reduce the spread of illnesses as it is the best way to fight germs, bacteria and viruses, the main culprits of diseases and illnesses. As Nidirect states on their website, “Good hand hygiene will reduce the risk of things like flu, food poisoning and healthcare-associated infections being passed from person to person.”

Now that we’ve covered the importance of handwashing that I’m sure you all know, let me give you some tips on how to best apply hand sanitizer.

Use it after touching any public surfaces.

Public surfaces are filled with germ hotspots – handrails, handles, light switches, you name it. Protect yourself and others by reducing the spread of these germs and bacteria by grabbing your hand sanitizer after touching these surfaces.

Choose one with a high alcohol percentage.

The effectiveness of hand sanitizer comes down to the percentage of alcohol it has. This article on Emmys Mummy mentions that “Hand sanitizer with an alcohol percentage between 60-95% is the most effective at kill germs, bacteria and viruses.”

Don’t forget your nails and wrists.

Apply as much hand sanitizer as needed to your hands and rub your palms together. Interlace your fingers to rub the hand sanitizer in between the fingers and on the back of the hands. Rub your fingernails, thumbs and wrists to finish, and then, rub until it’s dry. Once you’ve rubbed hand sanitizer all over your hands, you’re good to go.

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