Decorate Your Deck: 5 Unique Ideas


Building a deck is a great investment—not only does it boost the value of your property, it effectively adds an extra room to your house!

And as with any other room, there’s a lot of fun to be had furnishing and decorating your garden deck. The fact that this particular part of your living space is situated outdoors doesn’t mean that you can’t personalise it in your own unique style; in fact, with so many high-quality outdoor accessories on the market nowadays, it’s easy to make your deck look just as good as your living room!

Lacking inspiration? Don’t worry. Here are 5 delightful deck-orating tips to get you started...

Miniature herb garden

Filling a container with leafy plants and colourful flowers is a fabulous way to make your deck look more vibrant—not to mention an excellent opportunity to practise your horticultural skills—but why stop there?

Growing herbs on your deck brings the same benefits as above PLUS you’ll be cultivating something you can really use! Basil, rosemary and coriander can come in handy while cooking, while the famously low-maintenance lavender has a number of uses around the house.

Outdoor rug

If you thought that rugs were exclusively an indoor thing, think again. Many manufacturers now offer weatherproof rugs that are specifically designed for outdoor use.

Laying a rug on your decking is a great way to toss in an extra splash of colour and make the space feel more welcoming. If you’re going for a living room feel in the garden, an outdoor rug is a must-have accessory.

Patterned bunting

Bunting is a popular decorative touch that can be seen at all sorts of outdoor celebrations, from tea parties to street parties.

You can buy bunting in all sorts of different colours and designs, but if you’ve got the time and you enjoy dabbling in arts ‘n’ crafts, why not make your own? It’s easy to do, and a great use of any fabric you happen to have lying around!

Colourful parasols

Parasols aren’t just useful for keeping the sun off you while you’re enjoying your deck—they can also serve to add eye-catching colour to your outdoor space.

Again, parasols are available in a huge variety of different designs, so whether you prefer bold block colours or ornate patterns, you should have no difficulty finding a parasol to suit your tastes.

Upcycled household items

If you’ve got an old stepladder or some unwanted pieces of furniture lying around the house, don’t throw them out—upcycle them!

Upcycling remains a very hot garden décor trend, and the sky really is the limit. Virtually anything can be turned into an attractive accessory for your deck; why not repurpose that old ladder as a shelving unit for your potted plants, or repaint your old bathtub and fill it with flowers?

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