Tips for dating during the pandemic

dating during the pandemic

New year, new me, new possibilities and a fresh start. All these sound familiar? Well, this year it's not quite like this, is it? Sadly this pandemic turned our lives around more than a year ago and things are not quite looking up at the moment, sadly.

In 2020 we had to learn how to live a new life, he had to learn how to adjust to this horrible worldwide situation and everything that we thought we knew we had to learn all over again but different. That includes dating.

Before you could go out, meet new people, go on dates to get to know someone better, socialize and everything. Now all that is gone and dating, like everything else for that matter has moved online. Is it better, is it worse, I think that's a personal preference. 

Online dating is extremely popular these days and it's easy to understand why, so if you're looking to meet your soulmate and you don't have a profile on a dating website already, I really think you should consider creating one. I know that people didn't talk much about online dating before and the whole thing was considered to be a little taboo, but look at it from a different perspective. Online dating will offer you the possibility of meeting someone that is looking for the same thing as you and let's say if it doesn't work out as a couple, you can always remain friends, right?

Also, things are much slower when it comes to online dating and that will give you the chance to get that person better before you get to meet in person and that's always a good thing, right? In order to meet people close to your area, you can always check out some of your local websites, like Kent dating and give it a try. 

If you do find someone that you really enjoy chatting with and you would love to get to know that person better, but the lockdown rules make it difficult, what's the next step? Should you just give up? Of course not! I have one word for you: creativity! With that, you can really move mountains and trust me, some dates might turn out even better than before. Just take a quick look at these tips.

Romantic dinner via FaceTime

Just think of the stories you're going to tell your children about how you two got to know each other. Funny, right? Since you can't go together to a restaurant, consider having a romantic date online. Sounds silly, but it's something special and it will give you the chance to get to know your date better. You can eat something delicious, have a nice glass of wine and enjoy the company. 

Netflix & chill

Going to the cinema was quite a standard date idea before the lockdown but that's not possible at the moment. Will you let this thing stop you? I hope not! You can talk about it with your date and you can consider having a Netflix party! It's very easy, you just have to install a certain plugin and you're good to go and that way you can enjoy a nice movie and the company, even though it's only online at the moment. 

Virtual museum tour/concert

If you both love art, you can consider a virtual museum tour. Some museums offer this option and it's quite interesting and unique to go on such a tour. Since it's online, you can also search for museums from other countries and enjoy the whole experience. 

I have to say that I've seen a few online concerts that really impressed me and this can also be a fun online date idea, especially if you both love the same kind of music. 

Meet with friends

Meeting each other's friends is quite an important step in every relationship and you can do that online too. You can enjoy a live stream party with all your friends, get to know each other and have a lovely time. 

Dating during the pandemic has changed but if you look at it from a positive perspective and if you're getting a little creative, things might turn out even better than before. So make the most of every situation and don't forget to stay safe!

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